Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Members in Brazil call me Elder "Noodle" .  You can see why!!
Hey everyone!!

So last night we got an interesting phone call from our zone leaders. Over the last month a lot of people have been protesting against the government because of corruption and stuff. Some of it has to do with the World Cup and how the government is spending money, and people have been saying it's the last straw. So because of the protests, the meeting with Elder Nelson was cancelled, and all of the missionaries have to spend the day inside their houses. It's for at least the day, but President told us to go shopping last night to stock up for a few days just in case. Who knows? I guess everything's not all fine-and-dandy when it comes to the world cup. But our zone leaders let us email at a member's apartment who lives in the same complex, so I'm grateful I still get to email you all. 

Everything else has been going great here in Brazil. We're teaching about twice as many lessons as I was in California, and the people we meet and teach are incredible. The work moves so fast here! It's not uncommon for the missionaries to meet someone, and within two weeks they get baptized. The hardest part is making sure they stay active, which is why we're working a lot with the members to help find and teach. It's so much more effective! Both the members and non-members are ready and prepared to be a part of the work of salvation - you just have to ask! I still don't know all the members yet, but every week I get more and more comfortable with the language and all.Elder B.  and I are doing great, no problems.

Pictures of my apartment!!!  We live on the top floor!!!

We only have a washer so we have to hang dry all our clothes

The only thing that works in our kitchen is the Fridge, microwave, and our George Forman grill.

Guess who sleeps on the top bunk.  Yep me!!!  Just like home!!

We are scrubbing our bathroom down today!!!

Guess which side is mine???? 

Elder B. had a rough start with his trainer, and he's told me this is the best companionship he's had on his mission yet. This is the last week of the transfer too. I came in two weeks after it started (because of the CTM), and the CTM is having us cut our transfer a week early. Chances are one of us are leaving - we've been lucky to have an american companionship. We find out Sunday night if one of us is going, and then Tuesday morning is the actual swap. Monday is still our P-day, which will give us time to pack if we do get transferred. I find out Tuesday also who's companions with who and where they're going, so it's all kind of a surprise for everyone until Tuesday. 
And I'll have you know that after 2196 pushups this last week, I'm 100% caught up!! Feels good doing only 140 a day instead of 400. I'm not gonna procrastinate that again...

Another crazy thing happened this week. We had hail!! And in some places, it stuck like snow!!! On Sunday after Church we were walking from our apartment to a member's house, when it started raining a little bit. There was a lot of thunder, so we speed-walked it all the way to the member. And then after 5 minutes of getting there, we had the biggest storm that I've ever seen in my whole life! I took a video of it all. We had heavy rain, heavy hail, heavy thunder, and heavy lighting all at once! Needless to say things got heavy. And that never happens here. At the chapel some of the ceiling panels broke because of all the precipitation resting on it. Things are just getting crazy here!!
Hail storm!!!

Church was great. We saw one of the recent-converts walking in right when the meeting started, and when we asked where the rest of his family was, he told us he came all by himself. He's 10, and the only member in his family. 10!! He got dressed, walked all the way to Church at least a half hour away, and stayed for all 3 hours - by himself!!!!!! That's true faith right there.
Before I gave myself a haircut for the first time
After!!!  Not too bad!!

Like I said, things are picking up, and the world is getting crazy. Stay strong in it. God will continue to bless you. The Church is true no matter where you go. I love you all. Hope you have a great week with only a few days left of school. Finish strong. 

Oh, and since I've got a lot of spare time today, I'll be writing a bunch of letters. And I've got pictures to send too today. 

Love you!

Elder Nissinen


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