Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey family!! 

After last week´s little hiccup, Elder B. and I hit the pavement hard this week. And we were so blessed!!! Let me tell you all about the many miracles we saw:

Starting off right after I emailed you all, that very night each of the investigators we saw opened up to us so much! We´re teaching Junior, a 10 year old who loves and plays violent videogames all day. And it´s been hard to get his attention focused on really anything, and he´s also pretty shy. But for some reason I shoved my Rubix Cube in my bag after dropping off our groceries, and Junior noticed it when we starting sharing a message. We decided to talk about baptism and goals. I let him mix it up as best he could, and then I explained how sometimes when we look at a big decision (like baptism), it can look pretty intimidating or even impossible. But when you take it step by step, (as I was solving the cube), it doesn´t take long before you´ve completed it. He was HOOKED to that lesson!! We committed him to baptism for the 14th. We just need to come to Church and get better fellowshipped and integrated to the ward. I never thought I´d actually use that cube in someone´s conversion - imagine that!

Another miracle happened on Wednesday. We got 3 referrals from Headquarters for some nonmembers in our area we should see. We clapped outside one of them, right as the husband of the name we got pulled up. We explained why we were there, who we are, and what we do. We thought for sure he would think we were creeping on his house. But he smiled and invited us in for lunch - a perfect stranger!!! He and his family were very nice and friendly to us, and treated us like guests. We spent some time getting to know them, and before we could tell, we spent two hours there!! But they were very open to letting us come back and share a message with them - keep your fingers crossed!!

Our members have also been some of the greatest sources of our miracles this week. We´ve been struggling to help out a recent-convert young man who went back to his Word of Wisdom addiction after his baptism two months ago. Last week we shared a message about the Priesthood, and about how it´s an opportunity to serve our fellowman and God. He doesn´t have the priesthood yet, but when we came back this week he was very interested in being worthy to have the priesthood. He comes to church almost every week (he walks with us), but all he has are jeans, shirts, and flip-flops, so that´s what he´s been wearing to Church. But Saturday a member called us and asked us what his clothing sizes were. When we showed up Sunday morning to pick him up, holding a bag with slacks, a pressed white shirt, socks, and a tie, he beamed!!! He looked good too!! I got Elder B. to send a picture of him. That same night the same members invited him over to dinner to eat with him. The members never cease to amaze me, and this young man will be ready for the Aaronic Priesthood in a month! He looked so happy at Church too. I don´t think he´ll ever take those clothes off either haha.

Elder B.  is great in writing in his journal, which has motivated me to be better with mine. I don´t have enough time to type all the great things that happened this week, but things are definitely picking up, and I think we´ll be baptizing many very soon. This work is great!!! It ALWAYS is, in times of success and discouragement.

I love you all. Congratulations B on the new car. Maybe you and Papa will have to reteach me how to drive a manual again haha. Enjoy these last few days of school too. Hope you got my letter. If not it should definitely come this week. Elder F.  still hasn´t sent off my package yet, but he´s getting on it this week. 

Love you!

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Elder Nissinen

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