Monday, January 26, 2015

La Curcaracha,

Well it´s day 7 in the field of battle against these darn cockroaches. After going on an all-out shopping spree with anything with a anti-cockroach sign on it, they went running! I think with one more week of warfare we´ll be completely free. 

This last week we were tracting in a little town in our area that has a lot of hispanics in it. Elder T. has been liking working there a lot. It´s also a more humble part of the area, so we´ve been having more success in getting in doors. We talked with a lady who didn´t really want much, and as we left, her neighbor yelled out to us and asked if we were Mormons. Her name is Romina, and she´s from Paraguay. Her mom had just arrived here this same week, and she was baptized just 9 months ago. The daughter Romina hasn´t been baptized yet. And get this: her brother is serving a mission in Uruguay. The family is awesome and lives with a bunch of people who want to know more too. The only problem: No one knows how to speak Portguese fluently. Sooooo.....I´ve been scratching my head a lot during these lessons trying to remember thing one from high school spanish classes. It´s like being a Greenie - for the third time! haha But we passed by Sunday morning to take them to church, and they were all ready to go! Our ward has a lot of Hispanics, so they were well-fellowshipped and loved it! During Sacrament Meeting, Romina asked me ^So when I get baptized?^ YES! 

We´re also working really hard with Juliana and Isabelly, the mom and daughter I wrote about last week. Only Isabelly went to church yesterday, and Juliana has been having some struggles getting away permenantly from her past life on the streets. The ward is still working really hard too with us on this family. If we can get the mom especially converted, it´ll make all the difference for the rest of the family. 

Saturday morning we had a service project with one of our investigators Adriano. His wife asked him to mount their TV onto the wall, plus move some other things on their wall around so it´d be all symetrical and perfectly-measured. It took us 3 hours to get it done, most of the time thinking between the three of us how we´d get it done, and I was honestly surprised how it turned out. We only had a tape measure and a cheesy power drill to work with! hahaha No level, no real straight-edge, nothin. And it passed the wife´s inspection, even better. I think Papa will be hiring me real soon haha

This is the last week of transfers. We find out Sunday night about what´s gonna go down in the zone. I have no clue what´s gonna happen, but we´ll just keep workin, workin, workin. I don´t know if this is a sin, maybe it is, but I definitely have pride in being a member of this Church. It´s totally true. We just need some more people to know about it! 

Love you all! I keep praying for you all everyday!

Love Elder Nissinen

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