Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Monday, April 27, 2015

Good moooooooooooooorning Oregon!!!

What. A. Week. Sorry my letter´s gonna be short today. We´ve got 15 missionaries going home and the whole office´s gone nuts with making sure everything´s all good to go. Transfers drops a bomb on everything you´re doing. But we saw a ton of blessings in our area. 

First off, Fabiana and Felipe got baptized this weekend!! The Assistants had a baptism planned for the same day, so we combined both wards for the service. THE PLACE WAS CROWDED!!! And both of them were super happy. The Sisters who do street contacts in front of the Temple have been helping us a lot with who we´re teaching. Plus the ward´s been seeing the fruits of us 4 working closer together. 

We had two birthdays this week of the Office Staff, so we took advantage of the opportunity to throw on a surprise Brazilian Barbeque for the two Saturday night. The South of Brazil is famous for their meat, so Elder L.  is #1 on the grill. The baptism was Saturday night, and right after the service, we ran off to Walmart across the street to get the stuff and start grilling. It was a great way to end a great transfer. 

I´m stoked for this Friday! Elder Chrisofferson´s gonna be visiting our mission!!!!! 

Thanks for the pictures, and glad to hear you´re all doing great. 

B, give me one more week to think about where I´m guessing you´ll go. Maybe Elder Christofferson will slip a hint haha Proud of ya bro!

Love you all!!!!!

Elder Nissinen 

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