Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's up Fam?!

We are at our last few hours here at the MTC. Honestly, the majority of us can't wait. We compare this to a prison. It's an MTC, but an MTC that is a "little bit of a fixer-upper". It's good for us, we learn to have fun at boring times, and how be patient with our situation. Luckily all the guys here are super cool and fun to be with. In reality, the MTC is better than how we are going to be living soon anyways, so we're gonna be wishing we were back here soon! 

I am super excited for where I'm going and my first official companion. I hope I get a great companion! President Heid and his wife came and visited us. They seem so dang cool. I was able to talk to them for a second afterwards and they knew the guy that the Arrington's knows Dad. He said they may be coming here to serve in like January or something...? 

Like I said, the food is rough-ish here. You pick and nibble at the things you like. I tried Fufu the other day for the first time. Tastes like nasty thick sticky play-dough mashed potatoes that is hard to swallow because it's so dense. Africans eat messy here haha. 

Other than that, we've just been in classes a lot. We had a big health meeting with the head doctor of the area today. He told us of how to stay healthy and the importance of doxy, cleaning our veggies and fruit with bleach, and avoiding foods like bush meat (monkeys, rats) and drinking clean water.  

I don't have much else to say. I am sending a physical letter home tomorrow, so you should get it in about a week and a half or so....?

I just want to send lots of pics today. 

Oh by the way, I invented a new game called Hymnball. You take a hymnbook and a paper ball and a trash can and you stand in a circle. Everybody hits the ball before someone takes a shot at hitting it into the trash can. Kind of stupid, but it's fun when you're a missionary for some reason. 

2 african sisters like me here. One's staring at me as I speak. It's been driving me nuts. One of them sits right next to me in our district.... really obnoxious! You want to be nice back without flirting with her back but holy smokes I'm a missionary! Never had black people like me..... way weird. 

Everybody has to sing a hymn in the closing devotional tonight. Our district is singing "I hope they call me on a mission" with an added 3rd verse that goes like this: (I helped make it up)

I have been called to serve a mission
Now that I have grown a foot or two
The MTC has got me ready
To teach in Africa the gospel that is true

Elder Nielsen. 20 times a day guys will come up to me and think we are twins, brothers, or cousins. We are both in the same mission. Holy cow if we are companions we can screw with sooo many people hahaha

Have a fantastic first week of school everyone!! Sounds like you guys got some fun classes ahead. Best of luck in everything you do. Mom, I'm praying for that back of yours..... Love and miss you all!!! 

Elder B

At the mission presidents home!

                                            I was the commentator for the soccer tournament

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