Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey family!!

Heavenly Father blessed us with a full week of harvest! After cleaning out our teaching pool and dropping investigators who weren't progressing or coming to church, we found 5 NEW INVESTIGATORS in one week!!! That's gotta be some record somewhere in this area. :) And they have a lot of potential. No baptismal dates yet, but it's our goal! One of these new investigators we've been trying to contact before I even got to Granite Hills. And she has a son on a mission! The work is going on great, and we haven't stopped working. And we're determined to make this last week together the best one! 

So for transfers, I bet that I'll be staying, Elder P. is going home obviously, and Elder B. is leaving. They won't have two visa-waiters together, because our money goes on Elder P's   debit card. And with other complications, there's a high chance that one of us will be going. And honestly, I don't want to be the one leaving. It always happens before transfers. You get the best weeks of the transfers, find a bunch of solid people, and you don't want to leave right when it starts getting good haha. But I know if the Lord wants me somewhere else, I must be going there for a reason.

Besides finding, a lot of people have been getting sick. It gets around 18 degrees at night, but with the sickness, it brings a lot of opportunities to give blessings. I gave two this week, both to investigators, and it was SO COOL!! And shortly after giving the blessing, honestly I didn't remember what I said. But the Spirit was definitely there. 

On Wednesday Elder B.  and I were able to help out the YSA elders we live with in a finding activity. We went to a community college, set up a table with pamphlets and Book of Mormons, and then talked to as many people we could about the gospel. It was really a lot of fun just talking to people my age about what our message means to me. 

And on Sunday we had the special calling of......teaching CTR 6! The teacher went out of town, and the kids begged to have us teach, so why not? Our lesson was on the Golden Rule, so most of the time we were either calming down the kids who missed their moms, or acting out stories about "doing unto others." It was really fun!!! And the kids are hilarious with their own answers. We asked them what their favorite toy was, and one girl said "Wrestling with my brother." Truly they are children of God haha.

This week I had......another flat tire because of thorns. We decided to take our bikes through the desert to make an appointment, and afterwards, my tire was full of thorns. When we walked our bikes home, a member stopped and demanded that we load our bikes in his truck so we could make it to our next appointment. And he waited outside the house until we finished the lesson so he could take us home. AND, another member bought me a new tube and pump. I tried paying him back, but he wouldn't let me. We had dinner with his family afterward, so I left a thank-you note. The members here are awesome! Even brand-new investigators give us cookies and stuff to take home. Our fridge is always full!! 

I'm sending the iPod home today. I tried putting music on it from a Windows computer with iTunes, but it won't work. It's because the iPod is synced to a Mac. So maybe if you sync it with a Windows computer (maybe through Dad's Parallel thing), I can add more music to it from members. And Christmas music is approved! Just as long as it's the classics like Bing Crosby, etc. 

This week is also our Ward Christmas Party and our Mission Christmas party. It'll be a blast!!

The Christmas tree and package are AWESOME!!! Elder P.  and Elder B.  aren't the biggest fans of the holidays, so I hung it up in my room. I'll send a picture and a card to Ninnie. Our family is just awesome :)

Anyways, I don't have a lot of time to reply today. There's a lot we have to get done with Christmas coming. But I hope everyone has a great week!!!! Love you all!!! 

Elder Nissinen 

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