Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm sure you heard the news from the S. family, but I've been TRANSFERRED!!!
 I've realized now that a mission is always full of goodbyes, whether that be to your companions, leaders, or your area - or to everything!! It was a shock to all of us that our tripanionship was getting whitewashed. And Sisters have replaced us in the ward. Part of me wishes that I could stay and continue to help the ward change. It's made a lot of progress in the last few months, specifically in the last 6 weeks. But I think Sisters will be a great help, especially to our investigators. A lot are women or youth. But since we found out Saturday afternoon, we packed, said our goodbyes to the ward, and made "whitewash" notes for the Sisters coming in. I stayed up till midnight last night making them. Being transferred, whitewashing an area, AND being a District Leader was the last possibility that I'd thought would happen. But I guess the Lord is really trusting me with these responsibilities.
One of my favorite families in Granite Hills
I'm now in the Mojave River ward, serving with Elder B.  He's from Chicago, and is a HUGE Bulls fan. I told him about how much B is a Jordan fan, and he totally agrees that Michael Jordan is the BEST player ever :) He's been out 13 months now, and was actually trained by Elder P.  just like me.
Whitewashing an area is pretty stressful, because no one knows anything about the area until you dive on in it. I know the first week or two is gonna be rough, but I know I've gotta take it one day at a time. I really enjoyed my time with Elder P.  and Elder B.  They're both super fun missionaries, and we worked our tails off in that ward. I miss them already, but we'll all see each other again.
I'll tell you pretty much everything I know about the area so far. We're the only companionship in the ward, which will be nice without two different companionships covering the same ward. I'm on bike again, and it's a much larger area than in Granite Hills. And this area has a lot of hills, so I'm expecting my thighs to be huge by the time I leave haha. Our house is THE best and fanciest in the mission - and there's just two of us! I'll send you some pictures of it next week. It's definitely a lot nicer than the home on Quivero. Right now I'm emailing in the Hesperia Branch Library. One elder who left for home gave me his library card. From what I've seen in the area book, there's a couple baptisms lined up already for January. Elder B.  and I are gonna leave it all out here during these next 6 weeks. I have a feeling I'm getting my visa soon. Oh, forgot to say, one of the elders I served with in the Granite Hills ward got his visa, and he left this morning. We came out the same day, so it shouldn't be much longer. But I'm grateful that I get to spend a Christmas in the States before Brazil.
This is our Zone in Apple Valley during our Mission Christmas Party. One ward's Relief Society all got together and made beanies for every missionary in the mission. We're all wearing our beanies in this picture.
I've loved reading the 12 Days Before Christmas stories everyday. Ninnie is so awesome :)
I have no idea what's ahead, but I'm pumped to be serving as many ways as I can. There's a lot of change in missions, but it's so worth it. One missionary told me: "Be comfortable being uncomfortable," and my mission has made me stretch a ton so far. I'm excited for what lies ahead, and I know the Lord will help me.
Before I forget, my new home address is:

Hesperia CA 92345
Thank you for your emails and prayers. I look forward to Christmas this year, even though I don't know how it's gonna work. I'll figure things out this week with my new Ward Mission Leader, Brother Judd (whom I haven't met yet).
Also, happy early birthdays to B and Rosie. Expect a card to come to you both this week. :)
Thank you for everything. The Lord answers the prayers of His missionaries. I love you all so much!! Enjoy this last week of school before break.
Love Elder Fuss

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