Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Days Are Numbered...

Half the Mission!

Hey everyone!!

We survived Multizone Conference!!!! I´m sooooooo glad that´s done with. Pretty much everything normal that goes on in the office goes on hold because of all the stuff that´s gotta happen with it. It´s crazy because all the missionaries seem to ask for everything all at once during this week. While all the other missionaries are outside doing contacts, teaching, and sweating, here´s the kind of whales the secretaries wrestle:

A missionary asked for a map of his area, which includes a lake and acres and acres of nothing in the middle. So me and another secretary spent 7 hours printing and taping together pieces of Google Maps in a giant 6ft by 6ft puzzle. Yeah I know it doesn´t appear that exciting haha. But basically we stayed up until midnight for three nights straight making sure the whole meeting would go together.

The Conference was two days, Wednesday and Thursday, and you come to definitely appreciate the tranquility of just coming in to a meeting, sitting down, and enjoying the Spirit. On the logistical side you´re thinking about how much time you have left, if everything is on time, and if the air conditioning in the chapel is working right haha. It was eye-opening and a lot of work, but it was fun to see the whole mission. We´re also getting ready for a mission tour upcoming week with President Costa, the Area President of Brazil. It should be really good too. 

The first day the Special Projects Department of the Church was meeting about building the first Visitors Center in South America, during the conference
About our investigators, we´re still working with them. Unfortunately no one came to church yesterday, but we´re not giving up. The hardest part is simply setting up the appointment. Everyone works and studies, and studies and works. But the members are great and it´s a great area because of that. 

Oh, and Elder M. , Elder J, and I all talked with President, and he changed our arrival home date to July 14th because of BYU. And I´m not even looking at a calendar. It´s freaks me out. The even scarier part is.....today I have to order my flight.....I DONT WANNA GO HOME JUST YET!! haha

I love you all. Keep praying that more of the people in our area will go in the Temple they pass in front of everyday. `Cuz that´s where they need to GO!!! And we can help!!!

Have a great week! I have an awesome family. They´re all the best! 

Love Elder Nissinen 

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