Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Life is getting crazier and crazier in the office. We´ve got one big thing going on this upcoming week that we´ve gotta plan out: Multi-Zone Conference. Here it´s almost a whole-day event, and since the mission is so spread-out, we´ve gotta do it twice to split everyone. It´s gonna be a Shark-week on steroids! But to keep us alive we´ve got Pizza and Brazilian Coca-Cola, so I think we´ll make it haha.

I´m loving this area more and more, even though we´re not able to spend as much time out in proselyting. It´s seriously the Salt Lake of Brazil here. We´ve got the Temple, Chapel, and the Church Headquarters all next to each other, and everyone in the ward works for one of the three. And a lot of the original members (and their descendents) of the Church in Brazil live in our area.

A funny <adventure> in the office. Wednesday one of the email accounts of the mission shut down, so I called Salt Lake to have them figure it out. I had to explain the problem - in english!! And I was stuttering. You know it´s embarrassing when the lady on the other end starts laughing.....

Yesterday we had lunch with a family, and it was my first time meeting them. So you know we go through all the get-to-know-you stuff. I said I was from Oregon, he asked me if I was from Hillsboro. Turns out the dad´s last companion on his mission was Mark S. The member was blown away having a retrospective moment during the whole lunch. So if you see him around, tell him that an Elder M. says hey. Small world!

It looks like this area is gonna be a testing ground of all the stuff I´ve learned in all my areas. Since there´re no doors to knock, we throw tracting out. And the people on the streets are in a dead-powerwalk, and Perdizes taught me how to street contact in 3 seconds. And the members here are GOLDEN, so I´ve gotta summon my Cucamonga skills in member-missionar work to the max. 

We´ve also got a thing starting next month called The March 5. It´s a challenge in the mission which companionship can baptize 5 people in one month. Elder V. and I are already planning on reaching it. It just fits our ward name: SP Ward 5, March 5. It´s got a nice ring to it. 

We only had one investigator at church today. The other ones flaked out last minute, but the one´s got some good potential. Saturday night we had a lesson with one of our recent-converts, and during the lesson a friend that lives with him came in and listened. When we invited him to church for the next day, he told us that he didn´t have any good clothes to wear. Our Ward Mission Leader was with us during the lesson. He then proposed, If he brought him a white shirt, slacks, and shoes, he would go. He agreed, and when church started, he was beaming in his new clothes. He liked church, made some friends, and we have a lesson with him tonight. Keep your fingers crossed! 

The Lord is acelerating His work, because the Office sure is haha. Love you all. Have a great week. Let me know any news on BYU stuff about B. I´ve got my fingers crossed!

Love Elder Nissinen

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