Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Pday once again!

Last week I was "officially released" as the Executive Secretary, and now my new assignment is......the Housing Secretary! So for the next 5 weeks now I´ll be handling all the contracts, bills, and maintenance of the 50 some odd houses/apartments the mission takes care of. I don´t think I´ve ever studied (let alone look or touch) a real contract, or even come close to paying a water bill, but it´s good practice for some "real world application." 

There´s some perks to being the Housing secretary too. Yesterday I decided to take a look at the stock of all the stuff that´s broken, working, and working not so well. A lot of the junk is box fan parts. One thing led to another, and I´m in a project to fix up the fans so the mission doesn´t have to buy any more new ones. I´m imagining that the Mission Office will be something like a Autoshop - but for fans! Don´t know how I got into this kind of hobby, but it´s a good break after dealing with lawyers and real estate people every now and then.

The 5th ward fire is still burning strong! Last Saturday we baptized Almir, and it was a double-baptism with a neighboring ward in our zone. Man Pdays don´t get better than that! The next day, Sunday, he was confirmed and then supported to receive the Aaronic Priesthood - BOOM! He even went out on splits with us this week AND we´re teaching his cousin who lives with him, who´s now marked for baptism on the 20th! We are LOVING this ward here and we´ve seen some great miracles.

 I´m sending this e-mail a little later today because we just came back from a SUPER PDAY. There´s a place called 25 de Março (March 25th) that´s like a huge Portobello Road FULL of people, shops, and salesmen. It´s a must-do in São Paulo - because everything´s super cheap; you just gotta know where to find it haha. I bought a cheap São Paulo futebol team watch (it´s probably a fake Chinese deal but who cares haha) and a legit tie. 

Thanks for the emails, and hope you all have a great pday too! The Church is true!

Love Elder Nissinen

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