Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hey everyone! 

The hard part about being in the office and living with 7 other elders is how EVERYONE reminds you about how long you´ve been on your mission, how many days are left, etc. This week was our Multizone Conference on Wednesday and Thursday, and the first part of the meeting is where all those who are leaving at the end of the transfer go up and bear testimony. NOT EASY! 

But pushing all that aside, our area is still growing and working wonders. Today Mirta, our Argentinian investigator, is getting baptized! She´s so excited, and even better, her son came from Italy to watch the baptism and come to church the next day. Even though we don´t understand all of her spanish, she bore a strong testimony that every time she prays, reads, goes to church, and has the lessons, she feels more and more certain that this is the right path. YES! 

Nubia, the cousin of a recent-convert, is also getting pumped for her baptism for the next Saturday. She´s cut coffee, reading the Book of Mormon and praying every day. We´ve had to adjust our schedule a little bit because of her work. So our lessons are everyotherday at 9am before she heads off to work. We´re preparing her recent-convert cousin to baptize her next weekend. 

Just work work work in the 5th ward for us. Time goes by fast!

Love you lots!

Elder Nissinen

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