Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving + new companion

Dear family and friends,
I'm super happy everyone had a great Thanksgiving/Black Friday! It was cool seeing pictures of all the family together and well, you all already know that I'm training, and a few of you know who I'm training. But just to get all the information into a general email:

I'm training an AMERICAN! His name is Elder Madsen from Boise, Idaho. In just the few days we've been together, we're already having a great time and enjoying being with each other.  Yeah he's just two months younger than me. He is a hard worker. He was a landscaper during the summers. He worked at Chuck E Cheese and was actually Chuck E Cheese himself. That's the coolest thing I've heard. I mean, who get's lucky enough to have Chuck E Cheese as their companion?!   So we both did landscaping and both are some type of mascot... who would have guessed? He's came up with some brilliant ideas in the apartment too... I will explain in a minute! Having an American companion is awesome in a lot of ways, but creates challenges with the people too. I lost my voice for 2 days from talking so much in the lessons. This week I'm going to encourage him to speak! He's a fun guy though and is adjusting really well. I love re-living my first few days through him, with all the food and just the cultural things we see daily.

We love the pizza!

Being a trainer is a great responsibility and trust. We are working harder than I've ever worked before in my mission, and the work is putting forth some results. Sunday we were blessed with some super good investigators who just showed up to church because they felt like visiting our church..... one guy especially enjoyed Gospel Principles class. We committed four people to baptism this week. We believe we can reach our goal of 2 baptisms in the month of December, maybe more if things keep going well.

Thanksgiving for us wasn't much. We treated ourselves to pizza again, and because we have been there 3 times now, I barely have any money left! Luckily Grandma sent me some money to draw me out of Affliction two weeks early! Thanks so much Grandma! That was all we did Thanksgiving.
Today we played football against another zone. Boy I'm so burnt right now, it's not even funny!!
Man, it's so hot!

Here's one of Elder Madsen's brilliant ideas: Saturday we were at a friends shop. Elder Madsen looked at a case of glass bottled cokes and asked me if we could buy the cases of coke and refill them at the nearby bottling factory. Anyway, long story short... we were given 24 glass bottles of coke/fanta/sprite to drink! We just pay the cost of refilling the bottles, and whenever we are done using them, we just return it back to the lady that gave us them! The reason we are doing it is because we buy coke for 1.50 GHC. But by buying directly from Coca-Cola, we are saving 0.46 GHC per bottle! That's just one of Elder Madsen's genius ideas.

A funny story:
Yesterday we got back to the apartment, and I was just in a cleaning mood. Our apartment has been a wreck for the past 2 weeks due to transfers and zone activities. Ants have been all over the apartment eating food and nobody had done anything to remove the ants (I always do it). So after killing probably 2000 ants, I decided that we would change our water filters, because they've been neglected for several months too. I changed the filters completely, and after looking inside the old filters, we found that.... there was no filters inside our system! It was just 3 chambers full of water without filters inside the chambers. In other words, we've all been drinking from regular Ghana city water for the past 3 months without even realizing it! There were zero filters in our apartment. I called Elder Sanders, a Senior Couple guy in charge of apartments and stuff, and he was shocked and amazed at how we haven't been sick or anything the past 3 months! We got filters today. So for the first time in my whole mission, I'm going to drink filtered water at my apartment! Thanks for the prayers at home!

Another Funny story, although it wasn't funny in the least bit: 

Monday before the big zone activity I took some Doxy. but we were in a hurry so I just took it dry, without any water. I had food in my stomach though. Anyways, after my shower about 10 minutes later, I burped. Dry powder came out! It was by far the most pain my sinuses, throat, and eyes I've ever felt in my life. The burning sensation was incredible. I think the only thing close is like pepper spray. I was like yelling and screaming in the apartment! It took a good 3 hours for the pain to quit.

That is that. Again, I love being a trainer, and I'm looking forward to some more baptisms in the near future. I hope you received the forwarded email from President Heid about calling on Christmas Day.... only one hour is given and allowed....
Sounds like everyone is enjoying the Christmas Season. Keep having a great time being with the family! Thanks again Grandma for the cashola. And also everyone else for the nice pictures.
Love Elder Nissinen

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