Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm a Father!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

Yes! The question you all have asked has an answer: I'M TRAINING! I'VE GOT A SON! I just don't know who he is though.....

It still hasn't even soaked in yet. It's hard to believe. I have a lot of responsibility on my plate now. I plan where we go and what we do 7 days a week now. I don't feel ready to take in on (I just finished my own training!), but at the same time I'm super excited for the future. I have the ability to make this new Elder's first 12 weeks super good! (Actually it's 14 weeks because of Christmas time). I want to work really hard and teach him ( and he teach me) so that he's prepared for the rest of his mission. 

Transfers are every 6 weeks on Tuesdays. Whoever is being transferred goes to the mission home in Accra and they just assign you to your companion and go. If you are training, you don't know who you are training until you get there. If you are just a regular missionary being transferred, you'll have known where you are going and who is your next companion 4 or 5 days in advance. More than likely I will get an African. 2 whites is difficult in the field. 

The final pictures of our district.

As for my week, things are just awesome. I so totally love my mission it's not even real. I just love everything out here. It's a complete life-changing blast!

It was a less-productive week because of transfers coming. I had to go to a training council meeting in Accra on Friday. Elder Bergeson and I were lucky to be able to attend a temple session that morning too. President and Sister Heid are super awesome. I love them for all the work they do to make us better missionaries. 

I had cat for the first time the other day! It was great! Next time we go there, they are going to invite us over to help kill one!

Sunday gave me a burst of ambition to go out and teach teach teach. We had 6 investigators come to sacrament! It was nuts! There are tons of children who come to church every Sunday but aren't baptized for one reason or another. Others were coming up to me wanting me to visit their friends who are interested in the Gospel. Sometimes you feel like your area is rubbish, but days like last Sunday really get you pumped to go and teach! I'm going to work my Son so hard! The ball is 100% in my court. 

Today was one of my best P-Days here. Our zone and Tema zone came together to play sports and hangout. We were assigned to make a dish from our home country... I don't know how to make American food, so I just made a fat stack of PBJ's! They were a hit! They were gone in like 5 minutes. I was worried that the ants on the bottom would deter people, but they tasted great still. We have a bit of an ant problem in our apartment. I love fun P-Days. 
Our Party today!

Because Elder Liongitau and Elder Fayeampah are being transferred, that makes Elder Bergeson and I trainers. So basically our apartment is going to be a bunch of really young Elders. We all went to Papa's Pizza as a "last supper" the other night. 

Well, that's about all there is to my week. I will know tomorrow who my Son is. Elder Liongitau was a super good trainer. We got along really well. He taught me a lot. I am really grateful for his love, charity, and good attitude and for treating me so well these past 12 weeks. I want to copy many of the things he did to me to my Son. He's just a great guy! 
I will miss this Tongan boy!

So there is no Thanksgiving here at all or Black Friday. Well, everybody's black here so it's Black Monday Black Tuesday Black Wednesday etc etc.... I don't plan on doing anything special Thursday! Maybe I'll get something really good to eat that night? I hope you all have a wonderful, delicious, fun, finger-lickin', and most importantly a thankful Thanksgiving! 
Enjoy being around each other and the few days off school. 

More exciting news to come next week! 

Love, future father Elder Nissinen

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