Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dear family and friends, 

I've done a lot of self-evaluation these past few days, something everyone kind of does during this time. I realized that this year may be my only year in complete full service to the Lord, so I want to do it right! I've done a lot of thinking about my actions, and how well I am representing Jesus Christ and His Church. Sometimes, unfortunately, I forget that everyone sees me as a full-time representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I want to focus a lot more on myself as a missionary, not myself as a tourist of Ghana.

Elder Madsen is doing great! Hard to believe he's halfway through his training now. He's a little quiet still, but the both of us are going to be sharing the teaching/talking. I am going to get him out of his comfort zone! He'll just be that much more prepared when the time comes for him to be Senior Companion. 

One exciting event this week was our Branch New Year's Party! Us missionaries have been working hard to invite all we could to this party, and our efforts payed off we think. We had roughly 400 in attendance, which is pretty remarkable, considering we get less than 90 in sacrament normally. It was a great opportunity for less-actives and especially investigators to be around members of the church in a friendly, easy-going environment. It was one of the happiest nights of my mission.

As for the investigators, Elder Madsen and I are really cranking on finding people to teach. We are in need of a bigger teaching pool! This Saturday we are baptizing Seth. Seth's an older man, and is by far the most prepared person I've ever seen. He's remarkable! Seth is a solid gold investigator. He reads his Book of Mormon, comes to church every Sunday, and even bore his testimony Sunday! He called us the other day and invited us for lunch! It's the first time I've been invited to a lunch appointment! We can't wait for Saturday to baptize him. He'll be such a strong addition to the Branch.

All of us are constantly sick in some way or another (minor sickness). I feel great. I wasn't able to do a full fast yesterday. I felt like vomiting, so I took some water and I felt better. We've all got runny tummy almost daily. Elder B. was puking the other night. Livin' the life!! Never or rarely getting sick at home is something to be thankful for. It's a real challenge to be healthy. I just listen to my body and do what I need to do. Yeah I take doxy daily. I have lots of mosquito bites, so I'm never not going to take the doxy.

Sounds like you all are enjoying the snow, holy cow! Hope you all set some great New Year's goals. Go out and reach them. Have a great week. Remember who you are. 

Love, Elder Nissinen

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