Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dear Family and Friends, 

Thanks for all the great letters this week. You all sound like you're doing well! I received the package today, so thanks a lot! That bike pump is legit. 

As for Elder Madsen and I, we are doing well. He's developing and adjusting to missionary life quickly. We didn't have as much success as weeks before, so we're buckling down this week to get back to our usual selves and really "attack" the investigators, so to speak. A lot of investigators with baptismal dates have fallen through lately. It's part of the work, but I want to improve. 

On Friday I was washing some pants, and I noticed my phone in one of the pockets! The phone was spoiled from all the soap and water. I will be getting a new phone hopefully tomorrow. 

We've been teaching 3 children who come to church with their cousin's family. The parents aren't members.The children are really interested and need to be baptized. Our original date was the 31st January for all 3. The father told us the other day that he only wants the oldest to be baptized instead. It was a bit of a roadblock for us. We will obey the father and baptize the oldest. We've done a lot of scheduling with the father so he can make it to the baptism. We know he will feel the Spirit watching his boy get baptized, hopefully leading to the other's baptism shortly after.

On Saturday our district had a little party at our apartment! It was a lot of fun. I'm really lucky to be in a district of 10 Elders who I really like. We made a Ghanaian rice dish called jollof rice with fried plantain and a piece of chicken. It was a fun evening.
10 Elders in our apartment! Adjormann District!

Sunday some investigators came to church, but the main ones that we are focusing on didn't. I'm learning that teaching people is a constant change. The teaching pool changes a lot!

Tomorrow is some big Multi-zone Training Conference. One of the Area Seventy is coming to tour our mission soon too. Looking forward to that! 

I really don't need anymore packages, but I'll take them gladly! Snacks and junk food is perfectly fine with me.  I miss everyone at home of course, but sometimes I miss Joe especially. He is a cool kid, even though he's bigger than me now.  We got along pretty good for the most part. I'm looking forward to attending his graduation when I get home and hanging out with him when I can. 
I'm sorry for the short letter. Some weeks are the same as any other week, so there isn't much to talk about sometimes. Best of luck with finals. I can't believe you are halfway through the school year too. 

Love you all. Thanks for all you do to support me in this missionary work. Have a wonderful week! Enjoy the camping as well. 

Love, Elder Nissinen

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