Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Monday, October 3, 2016


Dear family and friends, 

We're doing great out here. We picked up four new investigators and contacted 16 others. Hopefully that'll open the doors to baptismal dates. We are working with a lady named Francisca. She will be baptized on the 16th October. Francisca is progressing really well. She attended about half the conference Sunday. 

Speaking of conference.... it was great! We did have the ability to view it live at our chapel. We watched the morning sessions live and the afternoon sessions were recorded. Saturday night we watched one session, and Sunday morning we watched 3 sessions. I think next Saturday we'll watch the Sunday afternoon session. We're really lucky to have the tools to watch it. Only the two branches in Ho were given the privilege to come and watch it. I loved it! I think Saturday morning was my favorite so far. I love the emphasis on the Book of Mormon and prayer. I can't wait to re-listen and download them on my pen-drive. You know that 5 of the people that spoke at conference I've shaken their hand? 
7 year old girl came to conference by herself! She'll turn 8 in December, and we'll baptize her on her birthday! I had her sit by me. She's pretty cool huh?

I especially loved Elder Curtis' talk - not just cause he talked about the Book of Mormon, but about Ghana! He was recently released as the Africa West Area President, so that was somehow expected. He's very nice.
Half the zone. My district and another district at my apartment for District Council Meeting. They joined us. 
Our zone leaders are the ones in glasses. Very good leaders. We wanted to look like the apostles haha
Things continue to roll on around here. We've got a tremendous amount of rainfall this past week. Some places have flooded.  The rain makes things cooler a bit, but the humidity goes way up. 

My companion was eating rice with bananas... 
I had to take a picture of that! 
Something I was taught this past week was that everyone has problems. As missionaries, we basically teach the gospel to help them with their problems. I've just been noticing that a lot lately. Everyone you meet - friend, neighbor, co-worker - has some trial they're going through. Be mindful of that, because their issues may not be as noticeable as others. Lift someone up this week!

Love you all. 

Elder Nissinen 

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