Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Gadianton Robbers

Dear friends and family, 

Our week was fantastic (for the most part). 

On Tuesday, we were lucky to have the physical and mental doctors for all the Africa West Area come and instruct our zone. They were fun and helped us with handling stress throughout our missions. 

I conducted exchanges with some of my district members Thursday and Friday. It's nice moving companionships around and being able to work and learn with other missionaries. I was able to give some advice to some of my district members who are struggling with their companions and teach them about working their area more efficiently. 

Well, either Thursday or Friday afternoon, some of Elder Horne's valuables were stolen. Some small boys ripped through our window screen and took his old camera and several memory cards. We were lucky it wasn't worse. It was overall a small-scale theft and a wake-up to us to hide our valuables away from windows and such. It was a lesson learned! 

Somehow we had a really great week. We had 23 lessons by Saturday morning, and we wanted to get 30 even. After a hard day's work, we muscled in lesson no. 30. I have only reached that a few times in my mission, and it sure felt good to hit it again. 

Many of our seeds we've planted are sprouting up. Our teaching pool is fantastic, and several investigators are pretty serious. In fact, we had 3 at sacrament meeting yesterday, and Horne and I think all 3 are future baptismal dates. Tsito's rolling! 

Well, that's about it for our week. We're working hard, having fun, and using our abilities to the max to further God's work out here. This is His work! 

May God bless you all to have a wonderful week. 

Love Elder Nissinen

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