Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy 4th!

Dear family and friends, 

Elder Ackley and I had a great 3rd week together! Our goal, as I've mentioned previously, is to baptize a few more investigators, and for him to be familiar with the area/members before I go. 

I was able to get several souvenirs last Monday, so I'm doing really well on that. The only problem will be the weight! I hope everything will fit. I'm a bit more nervous for home than I expected. I'll really miss this place. It feels so weird to image that I"ll be in America with you all at the end of this month. 

It's hard to focus at time with everyone around you constantly reminding you of when you're going home. I'm hanging in there though! I am enjoying every day, and taking lots of pictures. 

As for the exciting stuff of my week, I got a call from President Heid. His 16 year-old grandson Connor came to visit Ghana for two weeks, and he wanted us to take him out teaching with us for the day. You'll see from the pictures - Connor looks just like "Incredi-boy" from the movie Incredibles. I was with Connor, and Ackley was with another missionary. It was a really fun day! He reminded me of Joe - "slightly" cocky, funny, and easy-going. I took him around the area and showed him some of the cool stuff. He tried a few of the local foods. He did a good job teaching the Joseph Smith story for a 16 year-old. 

That night was a multi-stake YSA activity at our chapel. Because we lived at the church, we stayed for all of it. It was kind of a dance party/dinner/social. I'll try and upload a video or two, but it was really fun! I'm a bit sore - it's been a while since I've danced like that. 

Sad to say, but President and Sister Heid are gone! President and Sister Keyes flew in Saturday, and the Heid's left that night. I haven't met them yet, but I will Wednesday at MLC. I feel a little bad for the couple - they have 3 years, and I have 3 weeks. I guess they are really gung-ho about this calling. They're a bit younger, and their energy will be useful. 

Looks like you all are soaking up the summer sun with all the fun you're having! That's great, keep it up. Have an explosive 4th of July! Blow up one of those Excalibur's for me. 

Love, Elder Nissinen

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