Thursday, June 29, 2017

Never Thought This Would Happen

Dear family and friends, 

It's been another great week! Elder Ackley and I are working hard. As we visited members, we found a few new people to work with, so we're excited about that. Ackley is learning the area small small, he should have it down by the time I go. 

I lost my balance riding my bike the other day and flipped over a gutter... that was pretty embarrassing for the 75+ people who saw it. 

Tuesday was a Multi-Zone Conference, President and Sister Heid's last. It was great to be with them. President had some great remarks about the covenants we make. He also talked about women marrying an "RM", which doesn't stand for "returned missionary", but rather "righteous man". That was a great lesson. Sister Heid talked about Navy SEALS, and their courage, strength, and determination to save souls, physically. We as missionaries, she noted, do a similar service, but spiritually. It was nice talking to the other missionaries as well. I haven't seen some in a long while.

On Friday we went on exchanges. Elder Ackley had to do some interviews for one of our DL's baptismal candidates. I was with a greenie Elder who just finished his training. It was a fun day. 

I somehow contracted this nasty cold last week. My nose is runny and I have a terrible cough. I even lost my voice for 1.5 days. I'm doing better though. I'm just surprised I would get a cold in Ghana. Rexburg will kill me. 

We did have a baptism yesterday for an 11 year old boy named Junior. He's a cute kid and had more desire to be baptized than anybody I've ever seen before. The kid asked me about it every single time we taught him. He must have asked me 15 times. The service went well, and we scored a whopping 8 investigators at sacrament!

Hope you all have a great week!

Love always, 

Elder Nissinen
This is what we ate last night for dinner.

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