Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hi everyone!
This last week was CRAZY!!!

Starting off on Monday, we picked up a new investigator! He's Adrian, 13 years old. We found him through street-contacting, and he's pretty interested in learning. We first taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and even though his mom was doing the dishes in another room while we taught, once we started teaching repentance and baptism, the noise stopped in the kitchen. Elder P. noticed through some reflections that she stopped to listen from the other room. The Gospel is SO AWESOME!!!
This is what it looked like going to get our mail!
I don't know what happened, but the rain suddenly hit Apple Valley like no other!! The intersections in our area turned to huge puddles, and biking through them became impossible. So we walked :) That big thick jacket from CTR was a life-saver! And we stopped one night at a member's home, and she gave us homemade hot chocolate!!
One of the missionaries that we room with got sick for a couple days, so for those days we went on exchanges while one of us stayed home. On Tuesday night we got to play volleyball with the YSA ward! I met a guy from Hillsboro who lived right next to the Burgerville and Airport - small world!

On Thursday Elder P. and all the other leaders went down the hill to the mission office for a training with some executives from the Mission Department. My takeaway from it all is to use our time more effectively to find more people to teach - and that's also our responsibility.
For Thanksgiving we're planning on having a Turkey Bowl between all of us missionaries and then eat and visit members for the day. Strangers usually don't want to talk to missionaries over their families. But it'll be a fun day!! 

I'm learning so much everyday. The scriptures have become my best friend, and every question I've had has been answered in them. I care so much for the people in this area, and I don't want to stop working!! It's a great feeling at 10:30 when you know you've done your best - you're exhausted! I don't think I've ever slept this good either :) My companions have told me that I've even taught in my sleep haha.   

And my testimony of fasting has grown so much!! After we fasted last Sunday for a specific part-member family in our ward, we stopped by their house this week and had a great conversation with the mom and children who aren't members. We can tell her heart had been softened by the Lord, and she invited us back! We taught her and her son the Restoration, and she was glued to us when we bore our testimonies :) Last night we watched the Restoration movie with her son, 15, and after bearing our testimonies of the Book of Mormon, he said that he believed he knew what we were saying was true, and wants to find out for himself.
The Church is SO TRUE!!! I love it and everything about it!! We're continuing to work hard, and we see miracles every day. Thank you for all your prayers. Keep reading your scriptures daily - there's power in them!! I love you all so much!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!! I'm so grateful for my awesome family. Have a safe time :)    
                                 Love Elder Nissinen
A member let us use his dirt bikes for a picture. I guess this is why they don't give missionaries motorcycles

Elder B. rockin out Santa's new ride
Elder P. hugging a Joshua Tree!

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