Monday, November 18, 2013

The Best Tripanionship ever!!!!
Hi everyone!! Looking back a few days ago, I've been out 3 months already! Time goes by super fast. Though the days are long, the work is great!

This week was pretty hard for me and my companions. All of our investigators were either sick, working, not home, cancelled, or dropped us. One day we had all of our appointments cancel. So this week all of us are focusing on finding a new solid investigator who is sincerely seeking the truth. 

Yesterday we fasted because of all this, and we specifically fasted with a recent convert in our ward. His wife and children aren't members, so we fasted that the Spirit would soften the family's heart to the message of the gospel. So we hope we can stop by sometime at their house and begin a friendship with the family. 

The major spiritual experience we had this week was also at Church yesterday. Our most solid investigator Eric (12) came to church, so now we officially have a PROGRESSING INVESTIGATOR!! He's getting baptized December 7 into our ward! He was feeling a little sick yesterday, but he told us that he knew he had to come because Satan didn't want him to - so awesome!! He's definitely been prepared. And our Deacons quorum is amazing! He went to their Bishop's Youth Discussion (like our Bishop's Chat) last night, and he already has some great friends in the small Granite Hills ward. 

Elder P. and Elder B. have been doing awesome! We get along great together, and it's totally fun to tease and mess around with each other. We each have different strengths that make our tripanionship awesome! Elder P.  has the experience and wisdom, Elder B. is bold, sincere, and knows how to lighten the mood, and I'm most familiar with the area and willing to work 110% :) 

Elder P. told me of a tradition that he and his family are doing every day. There're 531 pages in the Book of Mormon, and every day he and his family read one page until he gets home. They have it planned out so that the day he gets home, they all read the last page together and pray about the Book of Mormon. That's a super cool tradition! Maybe we can do it.

Can you send me a calendar or list of people's birthdays? I think someone in our extended family has a birthday in November...haha

I hope everyone is having a great week!! I'm so grateful for an awesome family that loves and lives the gospel! 

Be safe, have fun, and do your best :) The Church is true!

Elder Nissinen

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