Monday, November 4, 2013

My last picture with Elder D.  

Hi everyone!!!

This whole week has been fun and work. With the Trunk r Treat, Halloween, and Elder D.'s going home, every day has been a blast!!

So to start off, Elder D.  and I decided to have a little fun with our Zone Leaders this week. To kick off the fun, we put a rubber band on our kitchen sick's hose, so whenever one of them turned on the sink, they'd get blasted with water!! We soaked them three times!!! For revenge, they took our bikes seats off and hid them. So we took their showerhead and hid that. Then they took cold water and dumped it on Elder D.  while he was showering. We were like that the whole week - it was pretty hilarious!!! 

The Trunk r Treat was on Tuesday night. The 4 of us missionaries were in charge of cooking and serving the chili dogs. There was a HUGE turnout, so I was basically running around the whole time stocking up on buns, hot dogs, etc. Two of the deacons dressed up as missionaries, and the Bishop dressed up as a Polynesian missionary, skirt and all! haha I wished I got some pictures of it all, but I was too busy running around. 

Thank you all SO MUCH for the pizzas on Thursday!!!! We had no idea it was gonna happen!! :) There were 8 of us that night, and we had PLENTY of pizza for everyone. Thank you!!!! It was a fun and relaxing night. We only had a few trick-or-treaters that night, so we gave them all the candy that members and investigators gave us. We had SO MUCH candy!!! And it was just a lot of fun to hang out and enjoy the night. 

Over the last couple days, Elder D. has gotten pretty trunky, naturally. I can't blame him a bit, since I know I'd be pretty trunky if I was within hours of going home. He's pretty excited, and it feels just like yesterday that we met 6 weeks ago. The last couple days he's been sending packages home full of stuff he's accumulated over the last 2 years. On Wednesday we had to get a box for his bike at UPS, and once we got the big box, we realized we had a problem: you can't fit a bike box inside a Corolla. So what do you do? Well, picture a box as big as a car roof that is being held down by 4 missionaries as it flaps on top of the car!! The wind got so bad, we decided to take our belts off and loop them around the box to hold it on!! We laughed at everyone's reaction of seeing a hug box being held down by belts on top of a Corolla. Pretty funny!!! 

 But now I'm starting over with a new companion!!! I guessed right: I'm staying here in the Granite Hills ward, same house and address. So you can continue to send me stuff to the Quivero address. But my new companion is Elder P. This is his last transfer too! He's from West Jordan Utah, 21 years old, and......he's a redhead!!! He was a Zone Leader last transfer, so I'll be learning a ton from him over the next 6 weeks. 

My new companion Elder P.
So here's some "missionary slang" that we use to talk about our "posterity," or missionaries that we train. Elder D.  was my "father" (the person who trains you), and Elder P. is my "stepfather" (the person who does the follow-up training if you don't have the same trainer for 12 weeks). When you're an elder's last companion, you "kill" him. So the story goes: I'm killing my father and my stepfather. It's kinda crazy, but the missionary life is like a "mini-life:" you're born and you die, you have companions and trainees, and before you know it, it's over.

Quick story about Debbie. Remember her? We first committed her to a baptismal date, and after coming back from out of town, she cancelled it. Anyways, last week, we taught her the Plan of Salvation, she felt the Spirit, and now BOOM! She's getting baptized December 14th! She's the most solid investigator we have, and we have plenty more along the way to the waters of baptism!! We're working with that HUGE family - they're in a pretty rough financial condition, so us and the ward council are doing all we can to help them. But we do what we do - TEACH! :) 

I'm so grateful for this work!! I've really been learning what it means to "focus on what you can control," and because of people's agency, it can be hard to see past that. But I'm so grateful for everyone's prayers. I love Sundays, especially Fast Sunday. The Fast Sunday Tie is an awesome tradition!! 

I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing great!! Winning soccer games, being busy working, and working hard in school! Keep it up everyone!!! I love you all! 

You'll hear from me soon! Love you!

Elder Fuss 

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