Monday, January 6, 2014

Hi everyone! This area is on FFFFFFIIIIIIIIIRRRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!
My first Baptism!!!  It was so AWESOME!!!

Did I ever tell you that I love missionary work? It's a ton of fun, hard work, and every moment of discouragement is worth it!
This week we met with a family who's friends of a recent convert. They went to the Ward Christmas Party, Relief Society party, H.'s  baptism, and to church last week, and they loved everything!! They're totally prepared to receive the gospel, and they accepted a baptismal date! The father and mother have to get married first, and they're dating anniversary is February 15th. The question isn't if but when, and it's awesome!! They're the H. family, and they're a black family. The whole family came to church for the first time, and the father especially loved Elders Quorum. He even asked us if we could teach him how to say a prayer so that when we're asked for volunteers, he can give the opening or closing prayer. I just love that family!!!
Last Monday we had Nerf war game.  Super Fun!
And Brother R.  probably texted you last Monday, but I got your package!! I especially love the choice of ties. I hope I don't have to get rid of any when I go to Brazil. Thank you!
Elder B. was sick on Thursday and Saturday this week. He woke up throwing up and having an upset stomach, so he spent most of those days sleeping. Let me tell you, it's super boring when your companion is sick. So I read a couple Ensigns, studied Portuguese, and made him lunch - there's not a whole lot else you can do haha. But it gave me an opportunity to serve him.
I've been doing some crazy things in my sleep. In the MTC I was translating and teaching in Portuguese, in Granite Hills I was teaching and testifying in English, and now in Mojave River I'm asking people to say the closing prayer and quoting Preach My Gospel - in my sleep!!! Is there something wrong with me? hahaha
Next week P-day isn't going to be on Monday. We get to go to the temple next Thursday, so President has made Thursday P-day and Monday be a regular day. So I'll be emailing then.
Missionary work is Hard Work!!!
There's a ton of work in this area, and Elder B.  and I have been busy nonstop (except for those couple sick days). Everything's been going great!! Hope you all had an awesome New Years and a great first day back at school!! (Woohooo!)
Love Elder Nissinen
Being District Leader is hard work too!!!

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