Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hi everyone!! We just got back from the Redlands temple - it's so awesome!! It's been way too long since I last went in the MTC. It's a smaller one compared to Portland, but the Spirit is the same anywhere. And this was the first session that had more than one room. I learned a ton this time. I'll send some pictures we took. Hopefully you got the SD card I sent on Saturday.
Besides the headache from doing more visa paperwork, this last week and a half have been awesome! Stake conference for us is this weekend, and it's being broadcasted in from Salt Lake! All of the stakes in our mission will be a part of that broadcast, so who knows what's gonna happen. Also because of stake conference, we had to push back the Breese daughters' baptism for next Saturday. But the good news is that the father, who's been coming back to church, repenting, and doing great in keeping the commandments, will be baptizing his daughters!
Also, last week, we found another new investigator whom we set a baptismal date with. He's the husband of a returning less-active convert, and he's super pumped to get baptized. But here's some bitter-sweet news: we're getting another set of missionaries in the ward - Sisters! They'll be coming in at the end of the month with transfers. Elder B.  and I are just hoping we don't lose our house to them!
Oh by the way Mom, Elder B.  LOVES those cinnamon-white-chocolate pretzels you sent for Christmas. They've become our "planning snacks" to help us focus :)
I heard about this super cool movie coming out about a true-story of missionaries who got kidnapped. It's called The Saratov Approach. A member showed us the trailer for it, and it looks SWEET! You'll have to check it out and let me know how it is.
We had a great miracle happen this week. On Tuesday after District Meeting, we went to Freddy's (a steakburger place) for lunch. After we ordered and sat down, a lady came up to us and handed each of us a gift card to the place. She wasn't a member, but she had friends whose sons are on missions, so she felt prompted to buy us gift cards. Missionaries are blessed in so many ways!
The H. family are doing great! They've been soaking up everything we're teaching them. The parents even take notes in the back of their Book of Mormons while we're teaching! They love church, and if I didn't tell you already, they're getting married AND baptized on the SAME DAY!!! February 15th is the day.
Last night some members took us out for a Mexican dinner. The restaurant reminded me a lot of Juan Colorado's back home. Last night was the first time I'd been to a sit-down restaurant on my mission! It felt so weird!!!
I don't have much time today because the temple took a while, and we haven't gone shopping yet. I won't have much time to reply. Hope everyone has a great week, and you'll hear from me again on Monday.
Love you all!!!
Elder Fuss 

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