Monday, March 24, 2014

Hi everyone!! 

This last week was awesome!! Elder F.  and I were able to hit the ground running after a lot of meetings our first week. It's been a lot of fun. We even got our bikes out. Elder F.  hadn't been on a bike on his whole mission yet, so it was pretty funny seeing him riding around. Biking is so much fun compared to just sitting in a car. We've had to cut our zone back on miles this month, so we've all been having to bike or walk a lot more. It helps because we get to talk to a lot more people on the street. 

One of the best parts of the week was our dinners. We got taken out to Olive Garden on Wednesday, and on Friday a member took us to Steer n Stein. It's the best steak place in town. Man, it was so good!!! The member was pretty much ordering everything and anything for us on the menu: onion rings, chili bean soup, chicken, garlic bread, fried shrimp, ribs, baked potatoes, and 12 oz steaks!!!! AND dessert!! He ordered for us the biggest plates they had. We were so full - and so grateful!!! And...(Mom you'd be proud) I've got plenty of leftovers too :) 

So about the work, we've been super busy! This last week we nearly doubled our teaching pool. We found a solid new investigator and we set three other baptismal dates. It's from another part-member family, and the kids getting baptized have come to church at least since I've been here. It's the B. family, the kids names are Joseph (13), Timothy (10), Clark (9), and Hank (7). The dad reminds me of Bogey a little bit too haha. 

Here's a fun fact about Elder F.  Remember the movie Paul Blart? Elder Fullmer has the same condition hypoglycemia; if he doesn't eat every couple hours, he gets super tired. Back home he passed out at football and wrestling matches. He just told me a couple days ago. I didn't even know that disease was real! We're doing great. It's been a blast having the other two missionaries there. The hardest part is actually getting to bed on time because we end up just talking and laughing whenever we're all together.

Sorry I hardly have any time to chat today. We spent a lot of time cleaning our apartment, getting haircuts, dry cleaning, and doing another zone activity. I've got pictures to send though. 

Being a Zone Leader is great! Elder F.
 and I get to help out a lot of missionaries, and you get to be friends with a lot of them. 

That's fun you all ran a 5K! Who was it at Glencoe that put it on? 

Oh hey B, crazy thought, have you been checking out the ACT/SAT yet this year? Don't know why I thought of that haha.

Lovin the work. My companion is awesome. Even though the Green Tree ward is small, it's fun. And there's a lot of work to do :)

Love you all. Have an awesome Spring Break! Make it last!!  Love Elder Nissinen

                           I was trying to make muffins last a little distracted. Let's just say that things got a little crazy when both smoke alarms went off and we had to open all the windows and doors.... :)

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