Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hi family!!!                    (The B. Family.  I will miss them!)

While I was saying good-bye to the B. family, they took a picture of us with our Transfer Doctrine. We got the phone call from President Hobbs himself Saturday morning telling both me and Elder B. our new assignments. Elder B. took my spot as District Leader, and I'm now a Zone Leader!! And I'm serving in the same zone as last transfer, so I already know most of the missionaries in it. I was totally shocked when President told me. I was just figuring that I would go to a "dead ward" (a ward with not a lot of work going on). So what does this mean for my visa? No idea, but chances are it won't be anytime soon if I'll be a zone leader. Oh well!

Sadly, I had to move out of the mansion and into an apartment. But it's worth it because there's another set of zone leaders already living with us, kinda like back in Apple Valley. We're gonna have a blast :)

My companion is Elder F.  from Fillmore, Utah. He was my zone leader last transfer, so we already know each other and we get along great. He's super funny, and he's only been out for 9 months. Our zone is really young, since all but two companionships are training, which means almost half of our missionaries have been out a couple of months or less. We're going to be SUPER busy this transfer: helping new missionaries settle in, figuring out stake meetings, and a bunch of other stuff. AND we have our Mission Conference this Saturday, with Elder Anderson and a 70!!!!!
                                             (My new district)
I'm really really excited for this transfer. It was hard to say good-bye to everyone, especially the H.'s and the B.'s , but I won't be far. D.  calls me his "brother" because I baptized him. It's those moments that make everything else worth it. 
                              (The awesome H. family)
I love hearing all the great stuff going on at home! Laura's a lucky girl B haha. Who else has been asked to Mormon Prom yet? I hope round two of your bridge goes better. 

Great job on your Syllabus Rosie!! You'll be makin even more money from students! :) 

Joe, that's great to hear about your new friend. Just being a friend will help him more than anything, and will really help him be ready to be baptized. You're an awesome missionary. 

Here's the address to my new apartment:        Victorville CA 92395

                                                               (My new companion Elder F.)

Everything is looking great for this transfer!!!! I'm loving it. I've still been reading a page a day, and I've been doing the pushup challenge too everyday.

Love you all! Hope you have a great week!!!  Love Elder Nissinen

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