Monday, March 31, 2014

I GOT MY VISA!!!!!!!! I'm leaving April 22nd right after transfers. President Hobbs emailed me today about it. I was seriously jumping around the Family History Center giving everyone high-5's. 

It's very bitter-sweet. Leaving everything and everyone I've met over the last 7 months and starting over again. I've had so much fun. But don't worry. Both Elder F.  and I are committed to working 110% for the rest of the time I'm here. 

This week we were extremely blessed. We've been helping the B.  kids prepare for their baptism on April 12th. The kids have learning disabilities, which makes it a little difficult. It's been a blessing though because it makes us teach simply, which is exactly how we're supposed to be teaching anyways. Also, through a bunch of referrals from other missionaries, we got 4 new investigators this week! Two of them are a husband and wife named Latu and Della. Latu is Tongan and Della is Hispanic, and they're hilarious. They were referred by two sister missionaries who talked to them on the street the other day. Their background is pretty funny. One time Della's car stalled, so 7 missionaries came and pushed her car up a hill, and she really remembered that. Latu's father was a devout member who didn't force his son to be Mormon, but Latu was really intrigued about it. The Spirit was strong when we taught the Restoration, and before we even started teaching Latu was talking about being baptized. We both committed them to be baptized April 26th. It was like teaching the Hicks all over again; they were so prepared. Elder F. and I were literally jumping and fist-pumping in the car after the lesson. We live for these moments. Unfortunately they had a family emergency happen on Sunday, so they weren't able to come to church. But we're excited to see their progress.

Friday night we had a YW Fundraiser for Girls Camp, and they did a Silent Auction, kinda like the ones back home. They even did a live auction part too, and guess what was one of the things they auctioned off? Service by the Elders. I didn't even know Elder F.
 signed us up for it haha. The auctioneer was slowing down around $30, so Elder Fullmer and I went up in front of the ward and started flexing. We then bumped up all our service to $60!! It was a kick! The YW served pancakes that night, and guess who made them? Yup, us too! I got pretty good with that spatula by the time it was over. 

My brain is so fried that these were the only things I could think of that we did this week. I know my journal has a lot more. I don't think my head has wrapped around it all yet.

Love you and hope we can chat. Love Elder Nissinen

Elder F. and I doing service that was auctioned off. We shoveled rock! It felt so good to sweat! haha

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