Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hi everyone!!

Sorry I am super low on time today. Since it's my last P-day in the States, I've had a lot to do, and I've been running all around since 5:30 when we woke up. Dont worry though, we still got our studies in. 

I sent off a package of stuff I knew I wouldn't take to Brazil. You should be getting it later this week. If you don't know what some of the stuff is, we can talk about it when I call next week. I also put in my SD card with the birthday pictures and videos. 

On Thursday we had our regular President Interviews that he does about every three months. This time President decided to include my "departing interview" with mine. Lemme tell ya, it feels so weird haha. I'm just so grateful I'm not actually going home yet. But he's letting me call from the airport. I bought a Calling Card today too. My flight leaves from California at noon, but I don't know the other times for layovers and stuff. 

Haven't started packing yet...haha I've just been sorting stuff into piles. But that's another thing to get started on plus my list of other errands we have to run today. 

Sorry I don't have a lot of time, but I'll update you on everything when I call next Tuesday. Elder F. and I have had an awesome week, and I'm sure this is gonna be the busiest and best week of my mission so far.

 I love you guys and hope you all have a great week!!! 

Love Elder Nissinen

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