Monday, February 9, 2015

My new companion Elder V. 

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!!!,

Hey everyone! This week has been one of the most CRAZIEST I´ve had on my mission - so many things happening at the same time. But I LOVE my new assignment. So my ~title~ is the Executive Secretary in-training Traveling Assistant. So me and my companion have the load of taking care of Referrals, Batismal Records, Visas, Mission Numbers, Transfers, Organizing Meetings, Supplies, and all the other little things that go with being a secretary PLUS being an AP and working with the other two Assistants, PLUS having our own area to work in. So many things to fill you all in on this week.

The Office!

My companion is Elder V,  from Chile. He´s 26 and goes home in April (one more transfer after this one). He already has 6 months working in the office, so he knows all the ropes and is teaching me a ton. I´ve already known him from him being my zone leader back in Macedonia, so we´re already great friends and we work great together. We live in the Office and there´s 6 of us in total. Me, Elder V. , the Financial and House Secretaries, and the two other APs. The whole group is hilarious! Most of the time we´re telling stories of the dorkiest things missionaries have done haha. Or we´re eating pizza every other night. There´s a legendary pizzaria that everyone´s talked about. The big deal is that they fill the crust with chocolate (like Nutella) so it´s like the size of your fist!! It´s AMAZING (and slightly addicting haha). But don´t worry. Even though I´m passing more time in an office chair in front of a screen, we´ve been doing some insane workouts in the morning. Have you heard of Insanity Workouts? It´s like P90X but....well...insane. Like 5 out of the 6 of us do it almost everyday. After the first day, my calves were so painfully sore. It felt great!! The great thing about living in the office is that you have everything you could need. And missionaries leave behind a bunch of junk too, since all the elders spend their last night at the Office. 

This week we were running nonstop! Transfers first off throw everything off. Everyone has to get switched around in the system, and on top of that we had 8 new missionaries arrive Tuesday morning. They looked so fresh! haha And on Thursday and Friday we had Mission Leadership Councils with all the zones, which took up both days completely. But I like being busy, and we always have something to do. I even have my own cell phone as a secretary! 

The bedroom!
And I LOVE my new area too. It´s Ala 5 (Ward 5), and it´s the ward that covers the Temple!! So everywhere we go, we´re always in sight of the temple. It´s awesome! And because our area also has the Church Headquarters for Brazil, we have a bunch of the church leadership (like the Temple President, Ex-Mission Presidents). The members here are GOLDEN!!! It´s been a while since I last heard a member asking us what they can do to help! [Fist Pump]. We work in the office from 10 to 5 everyday (except for Saturdays, Sundays, and Pdays), so we don´t have as much time to work in the area, but we´re milking every second. It´s pretty cool to do a street contact and not have to explain where the church is located. Yeah it´s that big white building there. Yeah, the really nice one with the golden angel on top.^ 

There´s so many things to tell you all about the area, the office, all the cool changes. Isabelly got baptized on Saturday (HALLELUJAH!). 

Oh and just to clarify, my Pday is still Mondays. I got it mixed up with the other secretaries; their pday is Saturday, ours is Monday.

Have a great week!! 

Love Elder Nissinen

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