Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The German´s Restaurant.  We went there on an all-day Leadership meeting on the other side of the mission

Hey everyone!

We had an awesome week this last week. We´ve been working NONSTOP to keep this place up and running. Sometimes we get a hard time from the other missionaries that we got it easy with our air conditioning (a true luxury in Brazil), and the lady that comes to clean once a week, so we get a hard time for that. But the last few days we´ve hardly spent any time in the office because of the million errands we´ve got. I´m absolutely loving the work here. 

This week my testimony about Priesthood keys skyrocketed! Wednesday night I get a phone call from President, asking me to set up an interview with another elder in the mission for the next morning. After the interview, President pulled me and Elder V.  aside and explained that the elder needed to be emergency-transfered to another area, and he asked us which area we thought he should go. It was like one of those experiences where an Apostle and a Seventy are making mission call assignments. We gave our ideas, and then President del Guerso switched a few people on his Transfer Board. We all felt right about the swap. It´s awesome working closer to the Mission President. It´s super cool seeing all the behind-the-scenes stuff that I took for granted when I started the mission.

We´ve been busting out butts a ton with the less time we have to work in our area. Since I got here we´ve been passing by a house of a referral a member gave us. Until Saturday we haven´t had any luck. But we passed by, and both the mom and son were home and super-receptive. We started talking about our purpose as missionaries, the gospel, and then we invited them to come to church with us the next day. Yeah, why not? I´ve always wanted to go inside that church.^ was how she responded. Totally took me off by surprise. We went by their house a little earlier, and they were happy, ready, and excited. They could only stay for sacrament meeting, but we set up an appointment for later this week. A great miracle!!!

Sorry for the short letter. We got a bunch of pictures I´m sending to you. Loving it here. My companion is awesome, the ward is amazing, and the church is true!
Our little barbeque on Saturday

Hope you all have a great week!            Love Elder Nissinen

                                                    Our little barbecue on Saturday!
We got money from a member, so we had the other elders go buy the stuff on their p-day and we had a sick barbecue  - Brazilian style! 

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