Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hey guys! 

Another blessed week in the 5th ward. President threw us a curveball when he called Wednesday night about an emergency transfer. There was an Elder in the area nextdoor to ours who caught the craziest virus I´ve ever seen. Half of his face got paralyzed! So President moved some missionaries around and now Elder C.  has joined forces with the 5th. Since he´s come we´ve been getting one member to go on splits with us, so it´s like having 3 companionships in the area. We´re bombing our area!!! This weekend has the potential to have at least 2 baptisms with the people we´re teaching. 

I learned that the secret in Brazil to get some event going is COOKIES. Tuesday was the first time in my life that I formally taught English to a group of people. I didn´t believe it when once the class got going we had at least 15 people in the classroom. And everyone liked it!! Tuesday was the "Introduction to the Crash Course," where it´s gonna be a 5 week deal, and we´ll have the Basics class and the Conversation class. Tuesday it was just me teaching, so we had everyone together to get everyone pumped. We showed some motivational video in English, and then some role-plays about how to introduce yourself. At the end of it all, the people went nuts for the cookies we made. Mom, your cookie recipe was a hit! And throughout the week, we got a lot of people interested and commited to come to the class this Tuesday. We´re hoping close to 40 people between the two classes. The Bishop was stoked after the turnout of this last week.

Have you ever seen someone getting wheelchaired out of the Temple? Wednesday President took Elder L.  and I to the Temple because we weren´t able to go with our zone the week before. After the session a temple worker came up and asked me if I could keep on eye on an older guy while he went to go grab a wheelchair. He told me that the guy´s blood pressure went down a lot, and asked me to make sure he wouldn´t faint or nothing. The older man was sitting on a little bench with his back turned to me, so I just waited for a minute for the wheelchair. While the temple worker helped the older man into the chair, he turned so I could see his face - it was President Del Guerso!! They quickly rolled him out of the Temple to his car back home for him to take some medicine. An hour later he was back at the Mission Office laughing and messing around with us. Crazy right?

Buckle up for the last week of the transfer - it´s usually one of the craziest.

Sorry we didn´t take any pics of the 5 of us/  We´ll have some new ones this week.  Love you all!! Have a great week.

Elder Nissinen

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