Friday, May 15, 2015

Hey guys! 

This week was pretty calm and has gone by really fast. Elder L. and I have been mixing up the days; we both woke up thinking today was Monday. But only in the Office can you have a pday and a.....

BAPTISM at the same time!!! Carlo is gonna be baptized tonight. He´s got a great story. For about 15 years he´s known the Church, and his wife is already a member. After a while she went less-active, and overtime, their marriage was struggling. This last October they about ready to call it quits, when Carlo realized that they were missing something in their relationship. That´s when he (the non-member) brought his wife (the less-active member) back to the Church. He works between several children´s hospitals, and even sacrifices sleep so he can go to Church Sunday morning. He´s already read the Book of Mormon (twice!) and pays his tithing. I could´ve sworn he was already a member when I came into the ward. In fact, we only taught him twice before he was interviewed by our District Leader - he´s so ready! And it was all member-missionary work. It was our Bishop who pulled him aside and challenged him to be baptized. God has been blessing our area so much!

So our mission has a lot of new leaders that have been assigned just over the last couple transfers, specifically new zone leaders. Tuesday we had a Mission Leadership Council, and President had a few things that he wanted to be certain that they were passed to the rest of the mission, so one of the AP´s and I decided to go on a "Surprise Exchange" the day after. Boy were the ZL´s shocked when we showed up out of nothing to their District Meeting - HA! The two Zone Leaders that I went with were both newly-assigned leaders and both Americans with language difficulties. But it went good and we were able to help get some investigators progessing in their area. 

I love this work. I know that God´s hand is in it and that He knows and hears all of His children. Serving a mission is the hands-down the best thing I´ve done. I love it and so grateful for it. 

I´m excited to talk with you guys tomorrow! Can´t believe it´s already here. 

Love Elder Nissinen

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