Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hey guys!!

Thursday morning as we were doing our exercises, Elder C. (one of the APs) comes up to me and asks, "Why didn´t you tell me where your brother´s going on his mission?" WHAT?!? Turns out the day before, Yule (from Macedonia) saw the news on Facebook and told the other Elders where B´s going. President gave me permission to look at the video Dad sent. GHANA!!!!! I´ll admit I did a quick search on LDS.org about the MTC, Temple, and mission info. It looks awesome!! There´s a bit of pride you get when you tell people your brother´s going to Africa. Load up on all the Lucky Charms and 2% milk you can. Proud of ya bro.

Carlo´s baptism last Saturday was great. His father-in-law baptized and confirmed him, and all us Elders got up to sing a musical number. The members have been noticing our hard work and just this last week we´ve been seeing them trusting us a lot more. 

For example, last night we had Family Home Evening with Flanizia and Mauricio (some solid investigators), and the Primary and Elder´s Quorum presidents´ family. Their 5 year old son got up and did the lesson on the First Vision - by himself!!! Recited James 1:5 and a good part of Joseph Smith´s words, and he said that´s his favorite story. The kid´s only 5! Just for kicks, Mauricio opened up to us a ton after discovering that Mormons can drink Coke. :] They´re a super solid family, the only problem is that they´re going to Disneyland and spend a month traveling the States. Dang it! But President is letting us use Skype to keep following-up with them while they´re traveling. 

The pizza sign... It means "Feel the power." It´s an inside joke between us because of the churches they have here. They try to show their "power" by curing, preaching, yelling, etc. hahaha 
Wednesday night I had one of those "What just happened?" epxeriences. I was on splits with a member, and we visited a referral from that English school I taught at a couple weeks ago. I called the night before to mark a quick visit, since they said they would only have 15-20 minutes to talk. So we got in the house, explained about ourselves, the Church, missionary work, and answered some questions. Afterwards the couple said, "Well we don´t know how much time you have, but we made this dinner for you guys." WHAT? We were both caught off by surprise, and we set up for tonight to go back and start teaching. Super nice family.
These are the paper roses we made for the Mothers in our ward.

Thank you for your emails and pictures. It was great seeing you all again on Mother´s Day. Congratulations again on the mission call.

Love Elder Nissinen

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