Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Golden Investigator

Dear family and friends, 

Jacob, I'm using the title of your letter. Congrats on your new "investigator". Make sure you stay in contact with your investigator daily, as taught in Preach My Gospel. 

As for my week, it was awesome! Tough, hot, humid week, but boy were our efforts worth it. I would like to report about our "new area" we explored this week. It went surprisingly really well! We found several people who are prepared for the gospel. This area is a bit more secluded and not near as populated. There are also a lot more people who can speak English in this area, so it's all good news for us! We were blessed with two super golden investigators this week. One man is neighbors with Seth (our recent convert) and has such a similar life-story. Both men are the same age and have been through similar experiences. The man is named Matthew, and he's such a prepared individual. We've set his baptism for just under 3 week's time. Matthew is lives alone and gets really lonely, so we visit him throughout the day and talk about his life. We had fun the other day as he showed us pictures from his past. 

Yesterday had to be about the best Sunday I've almost ever had. We had FOUR investigators attend Sacrament, and all FOUR have baptismal dates for next month! We are so excited for the chance to possibly baptize FOUR converted souls into the Church the same month. It's a lot of work and preparation to make it happen ( a few can't speak English or are illiterate), but having investigators who desire to come to Christ is what we love! 

Like I said, the weather is really heating up. I'm getting heat rashes from it. 

I'm excited for what this week will bring us. We're having an increased focus on knowing the member's in the Branch and working with them. 

I wish I had a funny story to share, but I can't think of any this week.... darn! 

The work is good, our investigators are awesome, and our area is massive! We are having to bike all day instead of walking to meet our appointments on time now. 

You'd be proud of my budgeting, Mom.  I've done really good the past two weeks of using my Sub money, so I get to spend on average 20 cedis a day!~

Well, I love my mission.  I know without a doubt this is where I'm suppose to be right now.  Ghana is so life-changing.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to be here serving the Lord among so many wonderful people.  Everything about this mission is fun!  I love the gospel.  I love teaching it to others, no matter how terrible their english is!  My mission is helping me become more patient, more humble, more Christ-like, more selfless, more thrifty, and more loving.  And most importantly,  I have a deeper understanding of the gospel and the scriptures.  I am gaining my testimony of all different things.  This experience is tuning me into a man!  Nothing else I could be doing now would replace these things I'm learning and seeing!   I've noticed the past few days how simple life is here, compared to the U.S.  I've always dreamed of living in the 50's or 60's. where things were just simpler and slower.  I've realized I'm somewhat living that lifestyle now.  Things are slower, simpler, and less high-tech.  I love Ghana for that reason!

Sounds like everyone is doing well. Congrats Joe on being smooth at the Stake Dance. I haven't received any packages yet, but I'm keeping my eyes out! 

Thinking of high school....  Jacob did a pretty good job of matching "Nissinen" with "A+".  I sort of changed that one to "Nissinen" with "Oh Boy".  Sorry Rosie and Joe!  Everybody leaves their mark.  

Tonight the 4 of us are going to a members house to eat Fufu!  I've eaten very little all day so I can have room for my Fufu tonight!  It'll make for a nice picture too.  Fufu isn't spicy.  Many food are.  Elder Madsen struggles with the peppers still.  Sunday he was sweating and crying at a meal.  My nose only gets runny now.  Your tongue adapts overtime.  Ghanaians like there spices!!!

Have a great week everyone. Sorry for no pictures, it was a busy week. 

Love always, 

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