Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Joe, You're Not the Only One...

Dear family and friends, 

Well, this was another wild week in Sangonaa. That about sums it up. 

Last week Elder Madsen and I were a bit disappointed in our numbers, so we had a companionship challenge to work especially hard. A lot of investigators have not been keeping any commitments and have been hard to stay in contact with, so we were really needing some good help. We worked and worked, but the results were still the same for the most part. The language barrier has been taking its toll on us as well. Many people we teach still require a translation, so we have to rely on branch missionaries and others to help us out. It was a challenging week to say the least, but I'm having to constantly remind myself that it is the Lord's Work, and I cannot take away anybody's agency. As long as I do my very best, whatever happens happens, and I have to accept it and keep my head held high. That's life though, right?! We are planting seeds to say the least. 

A lot of focus for us has been on the less-actives and trying to get them interested and coming back to Church again. I get just as excited when I see a less-active in church as I do an investigator. Same! 

There's been an investigator that lives in our area that has been coming to another Ward's meeting time for several weeks now. She brought herself one week, then her husband the next, and then her two friends the next! So we had to "investigate" her. Unfortunately, she can't speak any English, so we were only able to receive her phone number. She never answers her phone, so for weeks now we've been dying to know where she lives so we can come teach her. Well, she came to our meeting time yesterday, and we followed her home! After asking her why she has been coming to our church, she told us that she felt like coming one week, and that every week after she feels like she needs to come back each Sunday. We're really excited to start teaching her family this week!
Birthday Boy Madsen! Our wonderful chicken and mashed potatoe with gravy dinner! It wasn't like the good ol'american potatoes, but I loved it! Bergeson is a genius cook!
Root beer floats!!!! So good!

Saturday was Elder Madsen's birthday. We did some service in the morning, then came back for Elder Bergeson's pancakes, then went out for proselyting. In the evening they got a chicken for dinner and I was in charge of desserts. Well, about an hour through preparing the chicken, I started to get really light-headed. My stomach dropped, and I decided to go to the bathroom....
This is me right after I passed out!  I yelled for help, and they were about to pound the door down, when I told them my head was against the door and they would hurt me if they continued. It was quite the experience!  Passing out is so bizarre!  

.... Well I woke up with my head against the door on the floor! I passed out! Don't really know what it was from. Preparing food like that has never bothered me before. I was thankful I was sitting down and no injuries occurred, other than my neck is a little stiff. I'm still surprised it happened. Joe, (my brother who passed out last summer watching a chicken be butchered.)  you ain't the only one brotha! The sweaty picture I sent is immediately after it happened. 

This week is a very exciting week. Elder and Sister Vinson, a General Authority, is touring our mission this week! He's giving a talk tomorrow for us. We have done a lot of preparation for his coming, including reading several different assignments from conference talks and Preach My Gospel. It is a very serious event, but I'm excited for his address to us. This is Elder Madsen's last week of training (can't believe it), so he's in charge of the phone and planning. I will do my best to emulate a junior companion so that he can prepare. Transfer news is this week as well. I would like to stay or go. I'm neutral, but I love Sangonaa.  Time goes by super fast.  6 months, already?!  Too fas, too fast.  I love it out here.  It's a total blast!!!

I just spent 3 hours hand washing my clothes .  My hands are tore up, but it feels good to be done with that job today. 
I forgot to send this to you.  Flashcards I made about a month ago.  I use them on every lesson!  Very handy.  I got them laminated and everything.  
Thanks for the emails and pictures! Totally jealous of the splitting wood party! Have a great week. Don't get too sunburned in that burning 63 degrees hahaha....

Love always, 
Elder Nissinen

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