Monday, February 29, 2016


Dear family and friends, 

Things have changed! Big time! 

We received a call from President Heid Thursday. Apparently some Sister's apartment in a nearby area almost got broken into the day before, so they needed a safer place to stay. Our apartment is the closest one to theirs, so we were ordered to swap apartments with the 4 Sisters (ours is much safer). I assumed I'd still be companions with Elder Madsen, and that our areas would be white-washed. 

Well Saturday I got another call and was told that Elder Madsen was no longer going to be my companion. I'm with Elder Winborg, from Eagle River, Alaska! He's been out almost as long as me, and he's a great guy. I am still in the same apartment as Elder Madsen, but I'm no longer with Elder Bergeson and Kambwiri, which makes me a little sad. We are lucky though to be in the Sister's apartment, which is much nicer than ours! My area is about 20 minutes from my old area, so it's not too big of a transfer, but it's still stressful.
I will miss being in the same apartment as Bergeson. Man can he eat! We are in the same district though. 

Rose, a wonderful lady who will be baptized 12th March. She doesn't speak English, but she is so kind.  
The hardest part of all this is leaving Sangonaa. I loved that area so much! Everything I've learned up to this point has been in Sangonaa. The work was going soooo good too (4 baptisms next month) and I won't be there to keep it going. It's being white-washed by Sister missionaries. So basically the past few days we've been going around saying goodbye to everyone and helping the Sister's understand our area and investigators. Yesterday Elder Madsen and I gave our farewells in sacrament. Boy, it's sure hard leaving an area after so long! However, the work is apparently going great here, and Elder Winborg is a hard worker, so I'll be alright!

Had to say goodbye to Pascalene. Not easy. 

Just some friends of ours. This girl is so cool! I always told her she was my kid sister. Great girl. 

One lady I baptized with her family. One of my favorites to hang with!

I've learned a few things through this madness: 1) - It's the Lord's work, wherever I go. I'm hesitant on turning the area over, but the work is the same wherever, and the Sister's will be just fine in the end. His work will press forward. 2) - "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord!" As part of the Lord's army, I listen to my commander, President Heid, and don't complain. He knows what's best for this mission, and I listen and obey as a soldier would do. 3) - It's important to be satisfied with NOT receiving recognition for my efforts. I so badly wanted those 4 convert baptisms next month, but letting others fulfill what I started needs to be alright by me. I don't need to to be recognized for everything I do. We're all a part of a team.
3 of the 4 in this picture have been baptized in the past 5 months. Seth and his friend Matthew are very strong in the gospel and awesome people! 

I'm excited to visit my new investigators and new area this week! 

Yes, I did receive the Valentine's Day packages! Those were some really great treats! Nothing beats American chocolate. Thanks a lot family for putting that all together. 

Congrats Jacob on your progressing investigator. Hard to believe Chancho is leaving. He'll be a great missionary. I'm excited for him! Good luck Joe in tennis this week. Have fun camping this weekend! 

More news to come! 

Love Elder Nissinen

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