Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Hills Are Alive.....

... with the sound of panting pedaling missionaries. 

Things are going great here. I'm really starting to adjust to this new area. We used bikes all this past week. Let me tell you, these hills and our bikes don't work well together! Some of these hills are ridiculous. In fact, Tuesday we went up a super steep hill that stretched for a long ways. I felt so accomplished going all the way to the top and not stopping! These hills are something else! 

We had a great Zone Training Meeting Tuesday. Elder and Sister Bodine gave great talks about maintaining a positive attitude amid the negatives that happen each day. It's a pure choice to be happy. 
The Ho Zone!

Elder Effiong and I get along real great. He's awesome and has a real desire to work hard and see the people. We teach in unity and enjoy each other a lot. I'm now seeing how being submissive really has an impact on a successful companionship.  I told Effiong how much I like him, and he told me he likes me too. We're gonna get some serious work done around here...... (hopefully)

Wednesday we went with a Branch missionary to show us as many people as he knew in the branch boundaries, including members, less-actives, and former investigators. Our teaching pool is small, and the both of us are somehow new to the area. We were biking all day, and I forgot to wear sunscreen on my arms. They got burnt real bad! I learned that lesson. 

This poor single mother works really hard to support her family. She's awesome and super talented. Her kids are cool too. We gave her service the other day to help out. This mother and I were talking about conveniences, and she'd never heard of a vacuum before. I've never seen one here yet either. We also explained how a washer and dryer work. It was a unique experience looking back. Life is so different here than at home. It's hard to even explain to people.  I just forget my past life and focus on appreciating theirs.

We set a goal to extend some baptismal dates this week, and we did. There's this boy that always comes to church and seminary, but we didn't know he hadn't been baptized. Immediately we started teaching him, and plan on baptizing him the beginning of next month. He's got a hard home life with basically no parental support. He's a good kid though. 
Some legitimate Jordans I found the other day. 
Size 10 so I didn't grab 'em. Tempting though! 

Found this at a little store near our house.. 1 cedi a piece!
 I bought 50 of them, but already ate more than half.

I'm learning a lot about leading and being an example. I love the church. It's so true! Teaching others about our simple life-changing message is so fun. 

Sounds like everyone had a great week.  Love and miss you all. Have a wonderful busy week. Enjoy the Prom Rosie. 


Elder Nissinen

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