Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Monday, April 4, 2016

I'm a Bushionary, Mom!

Dear friends and family, 


You're all wanting to know about Ho and such. It's a very nice city that is in the middle of some small mountains. It's a regional capitol, so it's quite nice. I don't really know much else besides that, because I'm still really new. It's a bit cooler here too, which is nice! 

We call it the "bush" because it's away from the city and I'm surrounded by trees and green. If you want an idea of what I see this place as, it's somehow like North Plains...? We were walking down a little road the other day, and it reminded me of North Plains. I guess you can take that for whatever it's worth. 

My companion is Elder Effiong from Nigeria. He's a great guy, and I am already getting to like him. Even though he's still new on his mission, he knows the gospel well and is teaching me the area and people. We're going to get some serious work done here! 

Sunday was a great day! They announced that we'd be viewing the broadcast LIVE! I was really surprised at that one. It was the first time Ho has ever had the capabilities to watch Conference live before. They confused the time difference, so we ended up waiting for 3 hours before the conference started. I got interrupted a few times for District responsibilities, but what I did see was awesome! Some great talks were given. I'm excited to go back and download all the talks, especially from the Priesthood Session, which I missed. 

Transfers are hard for me. Everything is new, but I know time will help. The branch is really strong, and the work is here to do. 

I'm so grateful to have been able to watch Conference and here what our Prophet and his apostles had to say. What a blessing that is, huh? 

I know God loves us and looks after us, simply because we are His sheep. All we need to do is lift up our hearts to Him, as Elder Uchtdorf said. 

Tomorrow we are having a Zone Training Meeting. Our zone is so spread out that a lot of us have to sleepover here. The Zone leaders called me this morning and said that 12 elders are coming to sleep in our apartment tonight! Whoa! Our apartment has a few extra rooms, but I think this is not the best idea.... hahaha

Sounds like everyone had a phenomenal week! Great job Joe in winning it for Glencoe (that's rare, Glencoe winning). Rosie, keep having fun. Congrats on getting asked to the dance! Jacob, have a wonderful happy 21st birthday!! Thanks Mom and Dad for your love and support. I feel so overly blessed. 

Love you all, 

Elder Nissinen

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