Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Have Miracles Ceased? Nay

Dear family and friends, 

It's been another week. Yeah! 

Things are going great in general. Elder Effiong wasn't feeling too good, so we spend two afternoons in the hospital. His ears and head were bothering him. The work was a little slow, but he's doing better now. 

One of 3 families where every member of the family is active in the church. This is the only family that every member comes every week and the husband sits next to the wife. Great family! 

I mentioned something about miracles last email. This week was one of miracles. An investigator's mother was pretty sick, so we offered to give her a blessing. A few days later we returned and was teaching the daughter, who is a solid investigator that we'll baptize at the end of the month (hopefully). We invited the mother to sit in also. At the end of the lesson, we discussed the plans for the daughter's baptismal date, to which the mother said "I want to get baptized too!". I was so surprised and shocked, I think Effiong was too! Long story short, we plan on baptizing the mother, daughter, and son at the end of the month. Have miracles ceased? Nay. 

Friday night we got back to the apartment and realized we had lost our keys. After searching for a while in the nearby areas we were at earlier, we couldn't find anything. It being dark out didn't help our situation either. A few minutes later we go back to a store where we had bought some food, and still couldn't find the keys. As we're walking back, a guy comes up to us and says "Are you looking for some keys?". I was so surprised the guy had even seen the keys on the ground at night and was honest enough to give them to us. Have miracles ceased? Nay.
It's just a road sign....But it's true!

We scored 5 investigators at sacrament also. One investigator, who we'll baptize at the end of the month, has been to church 5 times already! The great part was that two of our recent converts (Bless and Daniel) gave talks. We helped them all week to write them, and they did a great job. It's a great comfort to know that your recent convert is staying strong in the gospel. 
Brother Ballard. He served here in Ho four years ago and came back to visit and for some charity work or something. Dad landscapes his father's place. Small world!

Saturday night the barber messed up my hair BADLY, so my hair is shorter than Dad's right now. Not too happy about that one, but it'll grow back.  Good luck on Trek! Kids need something hard to do over the summer. It'll be helpful when they're older. I loved Trek. It was hard but worthwhile. Many hard things there are reflected in my mission life. Make sure you get a lot of pics of Trek. 
By the way, I'm sending a letter home today to Jacob and Kim that I don't want them to open until they are married. It's a pretty great letter if I do say so myself. I'm praying that it'll reach home before they're married though. Jacob and Kimberley will LOVE the letter. It was so fun to write. I wrote it in a way that it could be read in front of the whole family if they'd like to.
Great to hear from you guys. Enjoy your week.

Elder Nissinen

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