Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mission Standard Week

Dear family and friends, 

I apologize for not writing yesterday. We had a great multi-zone conference and didn't get back until late, so today is our P-day. 

In the mission field, President Heid has set standards for the missionaries to achieve. Some of these are investigators at sacrament, investigators with baptismal dates, and new investigators. I have tried for 11 months to get a mission standard week and have gotten super close several times. Well, last week Elder Effiong and I got a mission standard week! We finally put our shoulders to wheel and received so many blessings from it. 

This weekend we are baptizing 2 minors and one older guy. I'm excited! Raphael, the older guy, has been to church 7 straight times, so we feel fully confident that he'll be a lasting support to the branch. Sunday we taught 2nd and 3rd hour without prior notice. Teaching can be a lot of fun. 

The work is going so well right now, it's hard to describe. I can't be grateful enough for my mission and the experiences I'm having. 

This week we'll get news about transfers. The both of us are on the edges of our seats cause we don't want to leave. 

Something interesting struck me last night: 
We had gotten back at the apartment from the long drive home after the conference and had a knock on our door. It was a young woman and two of her classmates. One of the girls (nonmember) had serious pains in her leg and it was affecting her ability to focus during her exams. She asked if we could give her a blessing. Of course we did. After this experience, I thought to myself for a while about the whole thing. I could get asked at any moment to use God's priesthood. I have to keep myself worthy at all times to be able to have that power, because we never know when that power will be called upon to help His children. I want to always be able, at any given moment, to be able to say "Lord, I feel I can qualify". Some less-actives brag that they have the priesthood authority. We teach them if they're living their lives unworthily, the priesthood power is gone from them and the cannot act in the name of God. Keeping the commandments will bring the Holy Ghost, which will bring back that priesthood power. 

The priesthood is a tremendous (and wonderful) responsibility that we brethren have. "Where much is given, much is required". 

It's so great to hear from you all. Have a wonderful week. 

Love Elder Nissinen

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