Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Dear family and friends, 

Well, I really have no clue how to start this letter. I'll just a big CONGRATS to everyone for everything they did. Congrats on the marriage, congrats on the reception, congrats on the license.... congrats! 

If I was to say missing the wedding was easy for me, I'd be lying. Thursday especially wasn't very easy. I cried a few tears ha ha. 

Actually, the week overall was pretty great! We got a lot of proselyting time in. Elder Omokoh and I are doing some great things together. On Thursday, Elder Bednar came to Accra to give a devotional to the young single adults. It was broadcasted all throughout West Africa. The cool thing about it is that instead of giving talks, he just answered questions from the audience. Not only the audience, but people could text questions directly to him and it could be answered! It was super cool, and he and some of the other general authorities said some great stuff. He did the same thing Sunday evening for the youth. One of the youth sitting near me texted Elder Bednar a question, and he answered the question! I thought that was sweet. 

I guess the highlight of our week was the four convert baptisms! Man, it took a bit of work (not as much as a wedding) but getting so many people ready to go isn't the easiest thing, especially when you're working on MGST (Mormon Ghanaian Standard Time). Our converts all bore their testimonies at the end, and we feel confident they'll remain active in the church. Our big challenge now is making sure they stay active, included, and needed in the church. That takes a bit of work too. At the end of this month we're shooting for 2 or 3 baptisms as well. "I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious right now".

As you know, I hit one year on my mission Saturday. I don't know what to say about that. I love my mission. It's certainly exactly what I needed. Time goes by so fast. I absolutely love what I get to do each day. As I help other people change their lives, my own life is being changed. I feel like such a different person than when I first came, and I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for placing me here. I am a white Ghanaian. 
All of us a year ago!

Have a fantastic week. The summer is winding down, so soak it up! I love and miss you all. 

Love Elder Nissinen

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