Monday, February 13, 2017


Dear family and friends, 

Elder Horne and I had a pretty great week. 

The weather seems to be heating up quite a bit. We're having to sleep with the fans directly on our faces to get any rest now! 

Not only is the weather heating up, but so is our area! It's the same old story of dropping less-serious investigators and searching for more. We did that Thursday I believe. We prayed that we'd be led to some who were looking for the truth, and after a while of contacting, some older guy named Godwin called us over. Apparently he knew everything about the Church, was taught everything by the missionaries, read all the pamphlets, has a Triple Combination, and even had previous baptismal dates. We asked why he wasn't a member, and he told us he travels often between two places and hadn't had the opportunity to be baptized again. Long story short, he has a baptismal date now for the end of the month. If all goes well, we'll baptize 4 converts on the 26th! I totally feel like Godwin was an answer to our prayers. So that was cool. 

Went to go teach an investigator and this is what we saw haha

Along the way, we found a bunch of other people to teach, and will be working on them this week. 

Friday we had the opportunity to do some service for a charitable organization in Ho. We joined with 8 other missionaries and cleaned their compound.

The highlight of the week was definitely Sunday. Yesterday was our Branch Conference. Our small chapel can seat about 45. We had 67! People were outside and in the hallway it was so overfilled. I don't even think the chapel has 67 chairs total. We were positive we would get 6 or 7 investigators, but a bunch of random things came up, and none with baptismal dates showed up. However, a super nice family in a small village walked in about 40 minutes late! I could tell they walked the whole way because they were really sweaty. It was a touching moment. Elder Horne taught investigator's class, I taught Sunday School, and we both taught Young Women's. 
Horne got a giant box of fruity pebbles haha. I got those drink mixes you sent. Thanks so much for doing that. Those really help. 

Elder Horne eating fufu

That's about it for our week! We're firing on all cylinders out in Tsito. We're going to do all we can to prepare those people for their baptisms. 

Have a lovely Valentine's Day, and talk to you next week. 

Love, Elder Nissinen

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