Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Monday, February 13, 2017

Good Week

Dear family and friends, 

The letter will be a bit short today, just cause there isn't much to talk about. It was kind of a normal missionary week. Nothing too noteworthy...

Horne and I are doing great in Tsito. It was about Wednesday or Thursday and we realized some of our "serious investigators" were no longer "serious". Friday and especially Saturday we spent the majority of our time contacting and searching for new people. It's not always fun to have to start, but once you get going it's not too shabby. We found a few people who might have some potential, and we'll get working on them this week hopefully. 

I'm really happy about the changes made regarding counting lessons. Twice this past week we were able to apply the "teach people, not lessons" principle. One was Michael, our baptismal candidate, who had a small problem with alcohol. The second it was Wisdom, a young man who is struggling to overcome pornography. In both situations, we were able to teach to their problems because we slowed down and sincerely asked, "what questions do you have for us"? Had we simply been focusing on teaching our planned lessons, they might not have been prompted to share, and us not able to address their needs. It's great! 

I did get the camera, but the ZL's forgot to bring it today, so I'll pick it up tomorrow. Thanks for doing that and for your love and continued support. 
Me and Elder Pace

Hope you all have a great week. Congrats on completing your first semester. 

Love, Elder Nissinen

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