Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dear family and friends, 

It was a great week! 

Scott and I are working hard and having a lot of fun. Because we're so new, we decided it would be best to sit down with the Bishop and get information about the active and less-active members in the ward. Our Bishop is a stud, and we're developing a solid relationship with him. We spent a lot of time visiting the auxiliary leaders in their homes. We'll continue to do that often.

As expected, we did get lost way too many times. It was frustrating, but eventually we found wherever we needed to go. Thankfully Elder Scott was patient and is great at remembering places. 
I see that you guys are interested in food. This was our lunch the other day. It was pretty good. I don't know why it was wrapped in a leaf. We borrowed the spoons. The meat is called "wule" (woo-ley). It's cow skin. Some cow fat too.

I think the highlight of the week came Saturday. When Elder Burns was here, we committed a super great guy to baptism. We thought he was golden until we didn't hear from him for two weeks. I called him up, and we met. Apparently he got in a minor motorbike accident and was recovering. We set another baptismal date for next week. Saturday we also met with our three other baptismal candidates. If everything goes right, we'll score four baptisms next week! We're excited. 
Guess what we found out? 
Emelia has the same birthday as me! She's '98 though. That means she's like the exact same age as Rosie. Weird, but cool! 

This week we'll also spend some time helping the other missionaries in our zone. Some are struggling in various ways, so we'll go over and help fill their teaching pool. 

Have a fun week. Do something nice for someone that deserves it.

Love, Elder Nissinen

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