Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Awesome week!

Dear family and friends, 

This week was awesome!

Scott and I really put some work in to prepare our four investigators for their baptisms. This week was a lot better in terms of directions though - we're getting the hang of finding our way around. 

Last Monday I made the mistake and got some nasty banku for dinner. All day Tuesday and Wednesday I was pretty sick. Pepsi and ibuprofen fixed that problem though. 

There are some Sisters in our zone that are struggling in their area. They are very new and haven't had much success. President Heid suggested we gather the zone together and contact in their area for a half-day. The activity went really well, everyone had a good attitude, and I felt it unified us. It was nice helping other missionaries for a change. 

The Lord blessed us Saturday with dozens of people to teach. I wrote so many names and numbers in my planner I had to switch pages. Scott and I were non-stop talking to people for a few straight hours. It'll take some organization to see and plan for them all, but it was a blessing for sure! 

Sunday was the big day for baptisms. We had Emelia, Emmanuel, Udel, and Monica all lined up for their special day. We were getting worried when sacrament was over and two of them still hadn't showed up, but they eventually rolled in. The baptismal service went perfectly, and it was a special day for them and me. All four are great converts and will be a blessing to the ward. The baptisms were awesome!

President Heid interviewed one of our candidates, and I had the lucky opportunity to join the non-confidential part of it. It blew us away at how President Heid taught. It was so simple, yet powerful. I've thought about it multiple times. Even our investigator bore testimony about the interview. It hit us all that President has been called by God, and he leads by the Spirit. It was awesome to be a part of that. 

Hope you all have a great Spring Break! 

Love Elder Nissinen

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