Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Companion

Dear family and friends, 

This week was great! 

Burns spent some time this week to show me around the zone. We went on two exchanges on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I went to a cool area near the beach and had a lot of fun with that. We were teaching a lesson to one of their investigators in their chapel in the evening time when the area suffered lights off, so we taught her with just our phone's flashlights haha. After the lesson was finished, we leave to escort her home, when we realize we were locked inside the chapel! Some other members were there, and must have forgotten we were still inside. It was probably really scary for their investigator to be inside a locked inside dark church for a little while. Luckily their Bishop came and rescued us. 

 Sweet primary children!

Then Thursday we went with some of the Sister missionaries in our zone who have been struggling in their newly-formed area. I accidentally left my hat at another ward, so I got burnt really good that day. It didn't help that we spent most of the day walking... It was a lot of fun though working and teaching with Sisters. That is something I never had done before. 

Friday evening Elder Burns and I got a phone call from President Heid. Burns is leaving to finish another Elder's training. Guess who my new companion is? ELDER SCOTT! I almost didn't believe President. It's super exciting, and we're really happy to be companions now. The only problem is is that I've only been in the area for 2 1/2 weeks,so I don't know but few of the members and their houses, and I hardly know the ropes of being a Zone Leader. It'll be a rocky learning curve but Scott and I will figure it out. 

Man this Akple is so good. One of the better meals 
I've had in a long while. Super good stuff.
Those little fish are incredible!
 You guys would seriously like it. 

That's really about it! 

On a spiritual side, we went to a funeral at our chapel for a recent convert that Elder Burns knew well. She passed at a young age, and had two young children, now motherless. Most of the people in attendance were not of our faith. I never knew any of the family, but as the teenage daughter was tearfully talking about her mother, my heart really opened for her loss. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be a teenager without a mom. Our Bishop stood up and gave a comforting talk on the Plan of Salvation, and how death is not an end, but a step in God's Plan. Our job is to be prepared for when it's our time to move on. I'm sure many left with a different outlook on life and death, because I did. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Rosie, don't break anymore hearts! 

Love, Elder Nissinen 

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