Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dear family and friends, 

Everything in Osu is good! 

This weekend was historical in the creation of a new stake. Two stakes split this weekend, creating a third! There was a big conference this weekend to celebrate the event. The Church actually had to rent an international conference building to manage all the people attending. President Heid announced to us that he would pay for all investigators' travel, so as to get as many there as possible. We invited all of our investigators, and many committed to coming, but only a few came. Both of our baptismal candidates, Juliana and Samuel, were there, and that was great! The conference was fantastic. Two General Authorities attended and spoke, and it was really cool to be part of that historic day. 

There is a Unit Committee for the Church, headed by Elder Bednar. A unit is a stake, ward, branch, or district. A unit change is when a new unit is either made, split, or dropped. Every unit change in the Church must first receive permission from the Unit Committee before changing. Anyway, 30% of all unit changes in the entire Church come from the Africa West Area. In 2018, it's expected that there will be 100 stakes in West Africa. Yesterday the 75th was created.

We kind of got lucky. When we came, the entire main hall was packed full. We were worried that we would be stuck outside in the overflow and have to watch it from a projector. We heard someone mention something about an upper level, so we hurried up. We were the first ones up there, and got a super good viewing of the conference! You can see it from the pictures. 

As my and Elder Allen's time is quickly coming to a close, we feel a desire to reach out to as many as possible. We're trying to work with less-active members and any others that don't get visited by missionaries, hoping to reactivate and also find new people to teach. We feel that this will work. 

This Sunday we'll baptize Juliana and Samuel, two great converts. We'll be preparing them for that day throughout this week. 

We're looking forward to another week of "teaching repentance and baptizing converts"!

Have a great rainy week!  


Elder Nissinen

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