Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Sweet Spot

Dear family and friends, 

Elder Scott and I are really enjoying ourselves right now. With the two of us having only a few months left in our missions, we are pretty experienced in most phases of the work. We get things done and have fun doing it. 

This week was about the same as last week. "Magically" we found lots more people to teach - some even approaching us. We were able to pick up a few more baptismal dates, some even this month. It's really cool how the Lord places people in our paths. If I didn't know better, I would think it's all coincidental. But this is the Lord's work, and we're just servants or tools that He uses to get it all done! Small miracles happen everyday. I've realized it's just a matter of being able to recognize them or not. 

From my experience, the work in the city is much more successful than in the bush. People are more approachable, they can read, and a whole lot of other reasons. Scott and I are going to get a lot done! 

Conference this weekend was sweet! We were only able to watch the Saturday morning and Priesthood. I don't know why they didn't let us do a live broadcast of the Sunday morning though. It was hard for me to focus with all the people around us, so I'll have to download it, but I loved what I did get out of it. Did you notice the theme of charity and humility? I left desiring to be a little kinder and charitable to those around me

I made these pancakes with no milk or eggs.
 They were pretty good!

Sounds like you all enjoyed your Spring Break. I'm stoked for Idaho! That'll be a lot of fun. Have a great week! Do some selfless service for another person.

Love, Elder Nissinen 

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