Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey family!
Hope everyone survived Finals week and skiing. This week went really well. It was mostly a "housekeeping" week because the new set of sisters came in on Wednesday. We have Sister H. and Sister K.  who just came from the MTC. Sister H. is from Mobil, Alabama, and Sister K.  is from Oahu Hawaii. We're excited to have them both, and they've been hitting the ground running since they've gotten here. 
I really like making those dinner thank you notes because I make the tie pattern from the
same tie I'm wearing that day.  This is the one I'm leaving behind tonight! 

I found out this week that Satan has an inside connection with McDonalds. Last week we committed the Hicks family to live the Word of Wisdom, but we found out that D. the father had a little testing experience. He walked into McDonalds, and this guy offered him a free cup of McCafe. The "free" part of it got to him, and as soon as he drank it, he felt bad. But he recommitted himself to live the Word of Wisdom. Out of all things, a free cup of coffee from McDonalds....But that's been the only hiccup from the H family. They're doing great! Last night we taught about tithing and fast offerings, and they committed to live that too - no problem. D. even bore his testimony yesterday at church. He told of an 
experience where he felt a prompting to move his car a little forward as he was driving on the highway. And after he sped up, a van slammed into the fender of his car. It hardly did any damage, but him or his 7 year old could've been really hurt. He bore a super strong testimony of the church and the blessings he's already received from it. It's so awesome!!!
There's something weird that happens in California chapels: you never know if the sound system is going to work. Yesterday everyone had to bear their testimonies without microphones, so it felt like one of those sermons that Joseph Smith or Brigham would give before the time of mikes. But it was cool.
Friday night I got this phone call from a recent convert. She asked me if I could baptize her 8 year old daughter who was getting baptized with the other children in the stake. Of course I said yes, but it was an all-of-a-sudden thing. I hardly know the girl's mom, but I felt honored to be a part of it. It was a really good baptism - I only had to baptize her twice! (she had a dress on...) haha
Everything's been going great. The B.  family is good - they invited a family to hear the gospel, and we taught them the Restoration last night. It's a huge family, at least 5 are old enough to be baptized. We'll have to pass them off soon, because the family doesn't live inside even our stake boundaries. The B's are really good missionaries - they read the scriptures everyday, and are sharing the gospel with all their friends.
Hope everyone has an awesome week! Love you!
Elder Nissinen

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