Monday, March 7, 2016

Water Week!!!

Dear family and friends, 

As you all know, I've been transferred to an area near my other one. It's a bit nicer in some ways. I do miss the people I served in Sangonaa, but this new area gives me the wonderful opportunity to "start over". I get to re-start my relationships with my companion, the ward members and leaders, and investigators. It's a nice feeling being able to "start over" again from scratch. 

I don't really know the area yet, or many people for that matter...! Elder Winborg is a great guy, and has a strong desire to work hard. He's showing me the people and the area patiently. I will soon learn it! 

It was my first Sunday in the new ward... It is a newly-formed ward actually. It was split from a bigger ward just recently. There aren't many people in it (we might even become a branch) but I'm excited to get the work rolling again! The ward is great. President Heid is encouraging us to build strong relationships with the auxiliary leaders and the bishop, and that's something I would like to do better at. Many times missionaries get caught up in contacting and tracting, but there's better ways of going about it: the members! Receiving referrals from members is such a gold mine for us. 

Tuesday we got dumped on! It rained really hard, and unfortunately we were a bit far from our apartment, so we got stuck out in it.

Rain Storm!!!  Everything got wrecked.  Oh well! Elder Winborg has a waterproof camera. 

 Saturday we had 2 baptisms! One was a convert, and the other was an 8 year old kid who's family is already members recently. We asked the kid who he wanted to baptize him, and he pointed at me... the kid doesn't really even know me! I was happy to baptize him of course... funny!

Anyways, the church building didn't have running water for some reason, so we had to run hoses through some windows to fill the font. Then the font became too full by the time we started, so when I was baptizing little Junior, the water reached his neck! Everyone was laughing at that one. It started to rain a bit that evening again, so we got wet again. Our water tank accidentally broke, so there was a little pipe spewing water that had to get fixed soon. It got fixed that evening, but the city water somehow was shut off. The city water is still shut off, we've been doing everything by buckets the past few days... We are almost out of water, so I don't know what's going to happen from here haha. It was a water week!
Played rugby at the beach last Monday! Way fun! 

That's really about it for Nungua. I've been humbled a lot the past few days, just for one reason or another. I'm trying to change the ways I think and talk: I get better reception from others when I talk about THEM instead of ME. I love my mission. Transfers (especially emergency transfers) are hard, but as long as I am being an aid and not a burden, the work will continue.
A game we play. Yes my skin is burnt a lot.  I use sunscreen but it's incredibly hot all the time.  I sweat from 7am to 9pm, and wake up sweaty again.  It's really hard, but I'm trying. 

Sounds like you all had a great weekend camping! Lucky! Congrats Jacob on your new girlfriend. You're a pretty smooth guy! Pandora charms?! Jeez. Best of luck to everyone this week in school and what-not. Remember how blessed you really are (seriously). Have fun! 

Good news!  Elder Rasband is coming next week to visit us missionaries!!!  It's cause our mission is the best!!! 

Love always, Elder Nissinen

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